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I write articles and essays on anything sexual. I am a grad student in the Sexuality Studies program at San Francisco State University. So I'll write anything for the hell of it; theoretical, cultural, erotica (I love writing erotica), or political. I've been published in a few magazines here or there, still waiting for that book deal...anyone? anyone?

  • Eon McKai: Porn For The Rest of Us
    By: omniphiliac

    After completing your bachelors and masters degree from an esteemed arts school, what do you do? For Eon McKai the answer was clear -- make porn.
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  • The Tiger Lillies
    By: omniphiliac

    These three men, The Tiger Lillies, have created 25 full-length albums since their inception in 1994 including most notably, Shockheaded Peter & Gorey End. Recently, I was able to meet with The Tiger Lillies to discuss their history, current projects with freak shows and fairy tales, and their possible collaboration with Deviant Nation.
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  • Kraig Grady: Anaphoria
    By: omniphiliac

    Kraig Grady is a composer, musician, and shadow puppeteer with a peculiar style. Influenced by the obscure traditions of the island of Anaphoria, his music has a rare ethereal quality that is often mesmerizing.
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  • Battle Circus
    By: Omniphiliac

    Battle Circus, an up and coming prog rock band hailing from New Zealand, has introduced the music scene to a new idea as to what a concept album should sound like.
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  • Unsustainable Stance: Henry Rollins Interview
    By: Omniphiliac

    Wrapping the microphone cord around his fist multiple times, Henry Rollins paces the stage, ranting passionately to those in front of him, expounding on what ever has crossed his mind in recent months. Whether it be politics, dating or Wal-Mart, Rollins will make you chuckle at the absurdity of life while making you realize just how absurd life is in and of itself.
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  • Ministry
    By: Omniphiliac

    Ministry, the band that is well known for breaking new ground and pioneering the industrial genre of music, has released their last album of their recent trilogy and their final album as a band. The Last Sucker is a powerful record that ties in its roots from the older albums and brings in a new edge that’s never before been encountered. Omniphiliac sat down with Sin Quirin, the guitarist for Ministry and Revolting Cocks, at the historic Fillmore venue in San Francisco to find out what the new album and tour have to offer to fans, as well as future projects in store for Revolting Cocks.
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  • MC Chris
    By: omniphiliac

    I am sure by now many of you have heard of MC Chris. He is the forefather of a new genre of music that is exploding all over the internet; “Nerdcore”. He is a one man band and tours by himself with limited help. On stage it is usually just MC Chris and a Macbook providing the beats. He looks like a teenager yet he just surpassed three decades of existence. His millions of fans found him on the internet. He has no record label or even a tour manager for that.
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  • No Cruise Control for Sex Drive
    By: omniphiliac

    Do you find your sex drive is without gas? Or is it stuck in 3rd gear and your brakes don’t work! As mysterious as the concept of bra sizes, your sex drive will continually vary, regardless of gender. It is not based on one aspect of your total being, but your sex drive, or your desire to have sexual pleasure, is based on multiple factors, whether intrinsic or extrinsic. This article was co-written by Aradia and omniphiliac.
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  • Crispin Glover
    By: omniphiliac

    Crispin Hellion Glover, the actor, filmmaker, musician and artist is currently touring around the country with It Is Fine. EVERYTHING IS FINE, the second film in his tour de force It trilogy. Recently, Crispin talked with omniphiliac to explain his current trilogy, corporate studio entities, exploring the taboo and his future plans.
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  • Arnocorps
    By: omniphiliac

    It’s always easy to find where ArnoCorps is playing in your area, just keep your ears open for the ArnoCorps signature call; a loud, gravelly yell to the sky followed by exclamations of “fantastic!”, “exactly!” and “How are you?!” If you dare to feel the pump at their show, be ready for a full body experience coursing through your veins, enlarging your biceps and making you feel like a true goddamn hero.
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  • How Kinky Can You Be?
    By: omniphiliac

    Decisively, admitting that you are a kinky freak makes most acquaintances run away like a super model from a Chinese buffet. It doesn’t really matter how you define kinky sex, the term alone connotes the most depraved deviant sexual behaviors in most peoples’ minds.
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  • Killer Vibrators
    By: omniphiliac

    "What's this?" you think, and your mind begins to wander in confusion. You've most likely just noticed the surprisingly daunting warning label on the package which reads, "Do not use on unexplained calf pain."
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  • The Tiger Lillies
    Seven Deadly Sins

    By: Omniphiliac

    The absurdly unique and demented musical act "The Tiger Lillies" have released their 21st album that continues to amaze and thrill their fans, new and old alike. "Seven Deadly Sins" is a torrid series of vignettes following a man through life and death.
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Name:omniphiliac[ Homepage ]
Last Activity: 10/27/09 at 03:37 PM
Location: San Francisco, CA
Country: United States
Member Since: January 10, 2006
Number of Posts: 8487
Age/Gender: 41 / M
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Status: Attached
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
Open To: Friends
About Me: I have just completed my MA in Sexuality Studies. While I am working IT, I am looking into sexuality community organization work. In the meantime I work on my garden, flirt, drink, create and write.

I write erotica, surrealist (senseless) ramblings, and I'm starting to write more articles on issues of sexuality and gender. I generally write erotica from the perspective of first-time experiences, Making it seem more tawdry and debaucherous. I'm currently working on a lot of surrealist erotica, influenced by George Bataille. Any type of erotica I can write that is subversive or transgresses cultural norms, I'm happy with. Also reading such erotica is really fucking hot!

I read everything from pulp novels to psychology to sexuality. Soon I'll be starting a podcast focusing on reading my erotica, talking about sex, kink and gender, and hopefully having some badass guests...stay tuned!

In the year 2000 I had an epileptic siezure while parking my car at work, I slammed on the gas and drove my car through my boss' office.

I cook with olive oil.

Tom Waits tells me to wake up every morning
Favorite Bands: Tom Waits,
Mindless Self Indulgence,
Aesop Rock,
Whirlwind heat,
The Goats,
Flametrick subs,
Outhere Brothers,
The Smiths,
Tones on Tail,
The Cure,
Crispin Glover,
Tiger Army,
Joy Division,
Lil jon,
Devil Doll,
Franz Ferdinand,
PJ Harvey,
Arab on Radar,
Boards of Canada,
Andrew WK,
David Bowie,
Bloodhound Gang,
amon tobin,
Johnny Cash,
Gravy Train!!!,
Louis XIV,
Dead Kennedys,
Leonard Cohen,
MC Chris,
Sleepytime Guerilla Museum,
Danger Mouse
Boards of Canada,,
Perez Prado
...and on and on
Favorite Movies: The Ten, Down by Law, Stranger than Paradise, The Baxter, Requiem for a Dream, But I'm a Cheerleader, Pee Wee movies, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdochs War on Journalism, Die Mommie Die, Psycho Beach Party, Showgirls, Freaks, Godfather, Farenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine, Willard, Edward Scissorhands, Team America: World Police, Bush's Brain, Mean Girls, Anything with Crispin Glover, Anything by Jim Jarmusch.
Favorite Books/Authors: K is for Kinky, B is for Bondage, Smut Vol. 1, History of Sexuality Vol 1-3, Sex Disasters and How to Survive Them, Jay Wisemans' Erotic Bondage Workbook, Justine - Marquis De Sade, Story of the Eye - George Bastaille, Requiem For A Dream, Catcher in the Rye, Psychopathia Sexualis, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Dictionary of Behavioral Science
Mundane Interests: Sexuality, Gender Issues, Queer Issues, Gender Bending, Sexual Deviances, Paraphilias, Wine-ology, Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Dissonance, Cultural Norms, Pop Culture...
Body Alterations: Nipple piercings, few random tattoos (including a stick figure couple), scar on my arm designed by the surgeon when I broke my arm.
Pays The Bills: IT/Phone systems, Sex shop worker, Article Writer, tending bar. I write erotica and articles on gender and sexuality for any magazine or newspaper willing to take the risk of publishing my work.
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