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Posted: 02/05/10 at 01:44 PM  RSS
Woo hoo!
 Some old lady got to play with my balls the other day!!

Well...ok, maybe that wasn't all it could have been.

But after she was done with the ultrasound, I found out that I sure as heck don't have cancer!  She might as well have given me a hand job while she was at it, I was pretty stoked!  

So, just waiting for MRI results on Todd, the brain tumor...and we'll see what the rest of the year has in store! 

If it's still looking like Todd can hang out for awhile longer, I'm planning on packing up my photo gear and hittin' the road for a couple of weeks...gotta get out of this town for a bit, work out some photographic aggression.  LOL

More to come!  (No pun intended, poor ultrasound lady!)
Mood: pleased


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