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Posted: 03/01/10 at 02:03 AM  RSS
Rough Cut of my demo reel.
I've put together a rough cut of my demo reel that I have to present in class on Thursday (the rough cut, not the final cut) and I'd like some feedback from anyone here who is willing to give it, whether you know what to look for in a demo reel or not.

Basically what I would like to know are:

Do the clips flow well from one to the other?
Any transitions you liked or didn't like? Which ones (and if you can explain, why)?
Which clips do you remember most (and if you can explain, why)?
Did you watch it the whole way through? If not, where did you loose interest?
Based on the reel, if you were going to hire me to direct a movie you were producing, what kind of movie would it be?
Any additional information you'd like to give me that you feel would be useful, would also be nice.

Here is the link.


For some odd reason, it will sometimes play in the browser, other times it downloads to you computer.


rpg  -  Photographer
Regina, SK
M - Other
Posted: 03/01/10 at 06:18 AM 
well, I don't know anything at all about demo reels.  I watched it straight thru, didn't bore me at all. Took me a little getting used to seeing the talking heads at the beginning and not hearing what they were saying, and then I got used to it.  I thought the scenes got better as the reel progressed, and the end one was perfect.

it also played in quicktime for me, no browser at all, on my iMac.  I downloaded it in Firefox. 

oh, and it also made me want to see a high res version.  didn't like the low res.
HeadlessBill  -  Photographer
Oakland, CA
56 / M - Other
Posted: 03/01/10 at 10:08 AM 
Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. I do need to show the talking heads, since I do shoot documentary, but I'm wondering if it's a strong enough opening. I was told you need something to grab the interest of the viewer at the very beginning. I've been constantly switching the talking heads sequence with the gun pointing sequence with each other.

I'm content with the middle and knew I was using the final clip at the end the moment we were given the assignment to rough out our demo reel.

There is a high res version, but it weighs in at 10x the file size as the one linked. I can provide the link if you want. The original uncompressed file is 3.62GB in size.
rpg  -  Photographer
Regina, SK
M - Other
Posted: 03/01/10 at 10:58 AM 
I'd love to see the final edit in high res, so later.

I agree with your thoughts, I don't think the talking heads are a good opening....something stronger for sure. 
M - Other
Posted: 03/01/10 at 11:57 AM 
overall it looks good and the editing works well. i think you might think about pacing and/or content to bring it to more of a crescendo. there's a couple of repeated shots or continuation shots i think i wasn't crazy about. the one i remember specifically is the dancer @ 13 seconds and again at 1 minute. the second shot of her is cool but it's awfully bumpy and doesn't seem to work with the rest of your stuff. it doesn't look fixable to me but maybe… one of the alley shots was distractingly dark. at least 90% of the camera work and color looks good to me though. those were my nitpicks.

why aren't you allowing production sound? it's kind of odd like rpg said and since the piece is obviously not a narrative, keeping the one piece of music in the foreground like that runs a little contrary to what you're doing.

ps-lose the shot of the two women sitting at around 18 seconds. it just doesn't play well for me in a short clip like that.

Edited By: oly - 03/01/10 at 12:03 PM
HeadlessBill  -  Photographer
Oakland, CA
56 / M - Other
Posted: 03/01/10 at 01:20 PM 
Thanks.  You do bring up a couple of areas that have been somewhat bugging me about the reel.

The shot of the belly dance performance is there mainly because I needed something other than burlesque as an example of live performance shoots. I'll have to dig through the footage and see if I can find a smoother shot. (Damn hand held zoom shots!) And the two shot talking heads is one of the shots I've been mildly thinking of changing.

As for the sound, a few reasons. As I was looking at demo reel examples, I found that the majority of the reels I saw were done that way, including some by directors that seem to have good bit of high profile work under their belt. Also, my sound design skills are not strong and trying to get the audio from all the different clips to blend well would drive me to frustration. And lastly, as I reviewed the clips after your comment about the audio, I realized that (unintentionally) none of the clips I chose had dialogue with the exception of the talking heads and the couple in the kitchen (the acting is so bad in that short, the dialogue would be a bigger distraction), so having the production sound would only serve to show my lack of skills at sound design.

And again, thanks.
M - Other
Posted: 03/01/10 at 02:14 PM 
yeah i get it about the sound. maybe there's a way to cheat it just to vary the soundtrack a bit rather than to try to make it intelligible. like if you thought of it as a sound effect b-roll and kept the noise low and used it to augment the soundtrack music just so people have more of a sense of action i guess. i don't know what the right word would be to describe what i mean. anyway, alternately, it might be better to lead with a shot that's not obviously dependent on dialogue.

there's that effect in afx and boris that might be able to lose the shaking of the handheld shot. what's it called? it's like a post version of a steadicam where you isolate the problem spots and pick a center to revolve the frame around. it's not easy necessarily and not always beneficial either but you might give it a try if you have the time.
Chixor  -  Model
Louisville, KY
41 / F - Married
Posted: 03/05/10 at 04:43 PM 
I'm sorry, there was more to the video than Nixon licking the knife?
HeadlessBill  -  Photographer
Oakland, CA
56 / M - Other
Posted: 03/05/10 at 05:07 PM 
Yes. There was Nixon nearly popping out of her leather corsety thing she made as she approaches you with a length of rope to tie you up with.

Edited By: HeadlessBill - 03/05/10 at 05:08 PM
Hopkins, MN
56 / M - Married
Posted: 03/14/10 at 01:38 AM 
I couldn't get it to play at all. Which I assume is a problem on my end but I hope your presentation went well.


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