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Location: San Francisco, CA
Country: United States
Member Since: October 21, 2006
Number of Posts: 1986
Age/Gender: 40 / M
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Status: Attached
Sexual Preference: Girls
About Me: i love life. i love the meeting of souls, whether it is two minds connecting over an idea or 10,000 dancing bodies connecting through music. i love music; there is great music in every genre... unfortunately, the same can be said for terrible music

my favorite color is yellow :-D

i am a nontheist, which is to say that i think the question of the existence of a god, while possibly meaningful, is irrelevant when it comes to how we should live our lives on this planet.
music: fischerspooner, lcd soundsystem, home video, empire of the sun, royksopp, the prodigy, pendulum, mgmt, does it offend you, yeah?, natalie portman's shaved head, mirwais, la roux, tiesto, james holden, chris lake, armin van buuren, orbital, bt, u.s.e, iamx, the presets, imogen heap, deepforest, mike sweeney, shpongle, infected mushroom, klanguage, mstrkrft, the knife, and captain tinrib.

massive attack, ulrich schnauss, robert miles, paul kalkbrenner, alexi murdoch, jose gonzalez, and boards of canada.

faded paper figures, passion pit, dave matthews, led zepplin, the doors, david bowie, the cars, the talking heads, the police, the long winters, nirvana, too much or too little, the postal service, and alanis morrisette.

immortal technique, j5, zion i, and tupac.

i dj. i play primarily electro-house/indie-electro with occasional on the fly mashups with anything i can find that will work.
movies/tv: .
battlestar galactica
american history x
arrested development
the fifth element
waking life
human traffic
the english patient
princess mononoke
crazy people
ace ventura
disney's aladdin
the emperor's new groove
super troopers
star wars
babylon 5
star trek: tng & ds9
other hobbies: djing - trance, progressive, electro, techno, and drum and bass, with some live mashups of classic rock to modern hits

cycling - 2000 Trek 2300, a custom welded Pink Panther swingbike, a black and yellow commuter that i built up from a 80s kestrel frame, and a yellow beater tandem.

english premier league football (yes that is soccer) - Oh to - oh to be - oh to be a - Gunna!
tattoos: Hermes wings on both calves in the style of an eagle

next one i am doing with my brother. right now it is looking like shoulder armour with "The Brothers Sweeney". more details as they come.
books etc: .
calvin and hobbes
the unbearable lightness of being
the mote in god's eye
ishmael, et al
ender's game
the vampire chronicles
the foundation series
philip k dick
michael crichton
lord of the rings
his dark materials
the dark tower series
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Posted: 02/04/10 at 02:48 AM  RSS
It's Alive!
 I just finished a jam session with my roommate where we synced our programs (Ableton Live and Traktor Pro).  It was rad.
I haven't had a good spin session with someone since physical vinyl in college.  This was even more creative and spontaneous.
Mood: artistic
Music: CC Music Factory to Michael to SebastiAn to Daft Punk to Kelpe

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