Name: gettingatat
Last Activity:onlineOnline Now
Location: Shreveport, LA
Country: United States
Member Since: October 3, 2008
Number of Posts: 1405
Age/Gender: 58 / M
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Girls
Open To: Friends, Casual Dating, Relationship, Playmates
About Me: born outside the city got down south as soon as i could (lol) grew up in atlanta, georgia graduated from college moved to texas(dallas/ft.worth) lived there until last year moved to louisiana to learn the movie business!!!
Body Alterations: just got my first tattoo in june, logo of aa, yes i don't drink!!! ok so then i got an anchor and had a new tatttoo artist do it cause the old one did not work at the shop anymore wow what a difference i felt the flow of the ink going in my skin and so so relaxed i could not believe it so i went back for followup touch up and ended up starting a whole new underwater scence which is my third and so when that heals i am adding more..pic soon
Favorite Bands: i pretty much like anything . i really do like techno ex trance some rap like chris hurricane, abaybay.....!!!!! ok here goes the list madonna, gwen stefani, christina aguilera, etc.....
Favorite Movies: disaster movie.....
Favorite Books/Authors: the private lives of the impressionist by sue brock!!!
Likes: get back to me on this one!!!
Pet Peeves: stupid!!!
Pays The Bills: i am trying to break into the movies here in shreveport/bossier as a set dresser/ at whatever pays the bills until i get my phone call....hehehe
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