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My dog Merlin.
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Police Officers.
Paying bills.
Dane Cook.
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Fuck you life
Subject: UP-date on dad.>
Date: Thursday, September 17, 2009, 11:15 PM

Eric, I felt I had to use the computer to  tell you  so we do  not fall apart. I also did not want to catch you  while you  were driving. It will be VERY SOON NOW son. He is in NO pain. He is resting  comfortably. He  can not take in  fluids or his  pills any longer  so  we have changed his medications to  liquids  in a needle  type syringe. He has a glow on his face. He looks beautiful. He is  happy to  of  had been  able  to  stay home through all of this. I gave him what he wanted. No hospitals, no nursing homes, no  doctors  and no needles. He is dressed in his sky blue sport dress shirts after each  bath. Being he was home, he was never abused or mistreated  in any way. He has  had nothing but love all around him. He has had 24-7 around the clock care from hospice, nurses and doctors. He had excellent care exactly when he  needed it. He did not suffer any anxiety which made his breathing easier  for him. He is sharp mentally. He can not talk but  tries to let you know that his mind is still here. He will grunt once  for yes and twice for no. He will squeeze  your hand and  occasionally a tear will drop  from the corner of his eye.  His body  is like  that of an infant.  His  black and blues from the needles from the hospital are finally starting to  go away. Your father will NOT have an autopsy after  his  passing  due to his  illness. They will leave his body alone!
         Eric,  dad is at peace with this. He has accepted it and that is why he  is going so fast.I am  the one who is having a hard time and so  dad took  me to the V.A. hospital  for me  to  hear, to be able to accept that  their was no  hope when he had his last doctor appointment.
       This will  be my last e-mail as  i am having the service turned off. You will have to reach me by cell phone.
       Your dad and I talked about Kade(my unborn son, lost at 5 months). It came about because dad felt simply awful that he was going to  miss his grandchildren growing up. I told him that our grandson who  right now has no family with him and  he is waiting for grandpa to  come and be with him. I asked dad to take care of Kade until we can be a family all together again. Dad is going to tell Kade all about his dad. Eric, maybe Kade went first to help dad  to  come through to the other side. Did this help you  son?
    Death and  dying  is  hurtful but it also can be beautiful  son. all   OUR LOVE,  MAMA AND DAD!
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