Name: crazy for poopy
Location: Longmont, CO
Country: United States
Member Since: April 3, 2009
Number of Posts: 95
Gender: M
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Girls
About Me: I don't really care for about me's. I would rather give you the attention that you deserve.. Mainly, I am here for Poopy!!! No really, I am devilishly attracted to all of you girls. Make no mistake, Poopy takes it all here.. But, that's just my opinion. I love to be turned on.. Yea, it's easy to think about sex here, and how couldn't you, however, I respect the girls and ladies here... I find it extremely erotic to see such great art.. And I truly appreciate the photographers that make it all possible.. I am thankful to be a part of this community.. I have learned that even the most beautiful and sexy girls here have normal lives. And I appreciate that. I will never pass judgement on anybody and I am very protective of my friends.
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