Name: beledi
Location: Nightingale, AB
Country: Canada
Member Since: February 7, 2008
Number of Posts: 2055
Gender: F
Zodiac Sign: WTF
Status: Other
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
Open To: Friends, Playmates
About Me: Grad student, generally awesome.
Body Alterations: Some ink here, some metal there. Always lots of plans, not always the funds to make them come to skin.
Music: Hawksley Workman, Land of Talk, Deep Dark Woods, Imogen Heap, Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, Wintersleep, Modest Mouse, Tragically Hip, Tool, Finger 11, A Perfect Circle, Godsmack, Seether, Benny Benassi (does he count as a band?), Tegan and Sara, Massive Attack, Faithless, DJ Champion, Nathan, Corb Lund, Serena Ryder, The White Stripes, Matthew Good, and on and on
Movies: Lost in Translation, Whale Rider, Spirited Away, Amelie, The Princess Bride, The Fountain, Transformers, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, My Neighbor Totoro, John Woo movies, vampire movies (good or bad!)
Books & those who pen them: "The Bonepeople" by Keri Hulme, Barbara Kingsolver, Terry Pratchett, Sandra Birdsell, Yann Martell, Bernd Heinrich
I like...: Birds, nature, environmental 'stuff', learning, loving, living, tea, food, chocolate, photography, traveling, challenging myself, soft kisses, tattoos, art, museums, hiking, camping, my dog, my cat, spending time with my friends and family, Wii, literature, live theatre, music
I dislike...a lot: Drama, materialism, insincerity, disrespect for other creatures, judgmental people.
Pays the bills: Boobies, tits, and their kin
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Posted: 03/16/10 at 11:39 PM  RSS
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Music: "Suicidekick" - Hawksley Workman

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