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Location: Durango, CO
Country: United States
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Age/Gender: 50 / M
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Girls
Open To: Friends, Casual Dating, Relationship, Playmates
Body Alterations: Tattoos, no piercings. Both arms sleeved. Most of my work is from JonZig in Austin, TX. My most recent was done by Matt Rousseau and some of the other fine folks at Your Flesh Tattoo here in Durango, such as Nic Montgomery, Roger Seliner, Doug Patrum, and Corey Crowley. My right arm has a bunch of Sailor Jerry inspired pin-up girls done in a horror style, a tribute to my daughter, a skull inside a star above my elbow, and some other little bits. My left arm from the elbow down is my take on nautical themes. I have the "homeward bound" type ship, but it's being pulled under by a giant octopus monster and on the other side is an anchor in the dirt for my "landlocked sailor" theme. Above the elbow is a graveyard scene, a "bomb's away", my mom tribute, and a sacred heart of Texas. I also have a bad luck chestpiece and my edge tattoo on my left leg. Work in progress includes the Frankenstein leg piece on my right thigh/knee, bagpipes on my right shoulder, and a tribute to some hometown bands that have shaped me on my right shin. Lots more planned to come.
Favorite Bands: I'm really into music, always have been, always will be. I love Old School Punk, Oi, Hard Core, Rockabilly & Psychobilly, Old Country and a lot more. Here's a few bands I dig : Adicts, Aggrolites, Alley Dukes, Alligators, Antiseen, Apt. 3-G, Bad Brains, Bad Vibes, Black Flag, Big John Bates, Blue Bloods, Big Boys, The Bones, Born To Lose, The Briefs, The Briggs, The Bruisers, Buddy Holly, Butthole Surfers, Charley Horse, The Chumps, The Clash, Clutch, Cock Sparrer, The Damned, Dead Empty, Dead Kennedys, Dead End Cruisers, Death & Taxes, Desmond Dekker, Demented Are Go, Detroit Cobras, Devil Dogs, Devo, The Dicks, Dictators, Dirtbombs, The Dirtys, Dolomites, Duane Peters and all his bands, Easy Action, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Eddie Cochran, Electric Frankenstein, Ernest Tubb, Fang, Fear, Filthy Thieving Bastards, Flogging Molly, Sinatra, Fucked Up, The Gories, Guana Batz, Hank Williams and Hank III, Hasil Adkins, The Hatepinks, Hi-Fi & The Roadburners, Hickoids, Hudson Falcons, Iggy & The Stooges, The Insaints, Jack O' Fire, Joe Coffee, Johnny Cash, Johnny Thunders, The Johns, Judge Dread, Kings Of Nuthin', Laughin' Hyenas, Lazy Cowgirls, Lenny & The Piss Poor Boys, Lord High Fixers, Lower Class Brats, The Meteors, Motorhead, Murder City Devils, N.O.T.A., Naked Raygun, Sheer Terror, Negative Approach, New Bomb Turks, Niblick Henbane, Nihilistics, Nine Pound Hammer, The Oblivians, Oxymoron, Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders, Pagans, Pegboy, Pietasters, Dead Boys, The Oppressed, Darkbuster, Awkward Thought, The Bodies, The Real McKenzies, Templars, Slapshot, Main Street Saints, The Ritchie Whites, The Avengers, The Pogues, The GC5, The(real,as in original)Misfits, Die Hunns, Bonecrusher (not the stupid rap band), Limecell, Anti Heros, Adolescents, The Meatmen, Poison Idea, X, The Kinks, Laurel Aitken, The Staggers, The Beltones, Reducers SF, Street Dogs, The Spooky, Buzzcocks, Oi Polloi, Cockney Rejects, Jerry's Kids, Submachine, Tiger Army, Society System Decontrol, Battalion Of Saints, Youth Brigade, R 'N' R, Last Rights, For Men, The Hawks, Balzac, L.R.F., S.F.A., Kraut, Reagan Youth, The Offenders, Plasmatics, Poison 13, Ramones, Replacements, Rock 'N' Roll Stormtroopers, Samhain, The Screws, Shit Outta Luck, Showcase Showdown, Smogtown, Social Distortion, Sons Of Hercules, Southern Culture On The Skids, Steve E Nix & The Cute Lepers, Stiv Bators, Sugar Daddie, Tall Boys, Symarip, Teengenerate, Texas Terri, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, Thee Mighty Caesars, Throw Rag, Tom Waits, The Tossers, Turbonegro, Wayne Hancock, Wanda Jackson, The Weirdos, Welch Boys, Wynonie Harris, Zero Boys, Yuppicide, Derrick Morgan, Nipple Erectors, Prince Buster, Blitz, The Cramps, Blacklist, The Wretched Ones, Workin' Stiffs, Bad Manners, Really Red, D.R.I., Angry Samoans, Blood For Blood, Ducky Boys, The Freeze, Token Entry, Wrecking Crew, Manic Hispanic, Those Unknown, The Clancy Brothers, Menace, Anti Nowhere League, and many more.
Favorite Movies: MONSTER MOVIES! I grew up on the classic Universal Monsters and I will always love them. I also like Zombie movies like the Day Of The Dead series, Return Of The Living Dead, Shaun Of The Dead, Dead Alive, etc. The new King Kong is amazing! Bruce Campbell can do no wrong, Bubba Ho Tep is one of my all time favorites and of course I love the Evil Dead movies. Mob stuff is great, whether American or British. Snatch! Taxi Driver, A Clockwork Orange, Warriors, so much more.
Favorite Books/Authors: I love History and Crime. For History I like Scottish, American and World, as well as histories of music scenes and such. For Crime I love both True Crime and Fiction. James Ellroy is the king of Noir and Crime Fiction in general. I also really enjoy China Mieville, Neil Gaiman, Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk and many more.
Pays The Bills: Health Food and Tattoos
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