Name: Lucisptera
Last Activity:onlineOnline Now
Location: Austin, TX
Country: United States
Member Since: December 8, 2005
Number of Posts: 23754
Age/Gender: 40 / F
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
Open To: Friends, Casual Dating
About Me: Call me Ptera. As in pteradactyl. It's shorter.

These things always make people look pompus, almost no matter what is said. They irk me, but I guess there's nothing to do about that.

I could give you the typical A/S/L thing that is the first thing most random AIM people ask, and that always gets them blocked when the pm me....but you can see that for yourself.

I think I was born several hundred years too late.

Body Alterations: Six holes in my left ear and two in my right, and one in my right nostril. A triskelle tattoo on my left heel that has martial arts significance, and two head tattoos that don't match. I'm in the process of trying to get those fixed.
Easter Egg Emotes: .


Then there areand sg that I think only work in sentences.

Punkydoll special:
Sunflower specials:
Kali special:
Future plans: Stealing away with Eyanosa to some new location. (check!)

One more year of teaching high school. (check!)

Massage school/license. (check!)

Looks like I need to make some new plans....

Dying my hair purple again.

Trying to find a living history job. (yeah, I know these last two don't match)

Finding out what makes me happy, and then doing it.
Stuff that makes me smile: Eyanosa. Shiny stuff. Boobs. Learning new things The smell of leather.
Celtic stuff. Nag Champa. Exotic hair. Cats.
WoW. Grammar. WoW. More stuff will appear, as I think of it.
I hate...: Dumb drivers. Willful ignorance.
Horrible grammar/chatspeak. Backstabers. Too many quotes in forums. When your really have to pee...and you sneeze. People who don't knock on the bathroom door before coming in.
Holy crap, wishlist!: ya know, this is the first of these I've ever done!
My Wish List
Pays The Bills: Eyanosa, and massage, and Blizzard
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