• (Hed)pe
    By: Kerosene

    (Hed)pe have been pioneers for years. Since their beginnings in the late ‘90s the group has been mixing rock, hip-hop, metal and punk rock into one intoxicating package. They’ve toured with everyone from Slipknot and System of a Down to underground legends like Kottonmouth Kings and Tech N9ne.
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  • I Am Ghost
    By: Kerosene

    Deviant Nation has always celebrated beauty within darkness and no band better exemplifies that better than California's I Am Ghost. The group is like a bastardized version of AFI mixed with My Chemical Romance, but powerful hooks that punch you in the face and drag you into dark places.
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  • Kottonmouth Kings
    By: Kerosene

    Kottonmouth Kings have been tearing up the underground world of rock and hip-hop for years. Their club banging hip-hop bleeds into rawkus brand of punk-rock to create one of the most innovate music sounds that they describe as rip-hop.
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  • Paul Booth: The Art Fusion Experiment
    By: Kerosene

    While Rolling Stone dubbed him the “King of Rock Tattoos”, tattooist Paul Booth is about as humble as an artist can get.
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  • Sound & Fury
    By: Kerosene

    Musical gimmicks and trends aside, there's nothing quite like a straight up shot of down and dirty rock n' roll. Toronto's SOUND AND FURY are no-bullshit rock 'n roll, the kind that hits on your girlfriend while you’re in the bathroom or screams in your face after a show. The band just recently completed a Canadian and UK tour alongside punk-rockers SUM 41 and released their debut self-titled debut on June 24th via Rebel Youth Records/MRI-RED Distribution.
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  • DGAF
    By: Kerosene

    Original Kottonmouth Kings frontman Saint Dog’s reckless lifestyle might have got him thrown out of the California’s rip-hop innovator, but he’s found a new crew of misfits, miscreants and outlaws with DGAF. An acronym for “Don't Give a F**k”, DGAF is the new supergroup featuring Saint Dog, his brother Big Hoss, Chucky Chuck, Gillies and DJ Circa. The group’s recently released self-titled debut album combines the punk rock attitude of The Sex Pistols and mashes it with the fearless bravado of N.W.A’s street level hip-hop.
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  • Artist Mark Wasyl
    By: Kerosene

    Clean lines, bold colors and sensuous curves are what you will find when you flip through LA based artist/designer Mark Wasyl's portfolio. His super sexy vector style is brought out in his gorgeous sexy pin-ups called Drop Dead Sexy. The pin-ups are infused with tons of attitude, devilish charm and the girls are inked up!
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  • Deviant Nation gets Tattoed & Tight with Matt Zane
    By: Kerosene

    Matt Zane is no stranger to controversy. Zane’s debauchery and high profile antics have landed him in just about every magazine ever published. After breaking into the adult film world in the late ‘90s, Zane quickly developed a name for himself by pioneering the alt-porn style and securing high profile musicians like Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, Papa Roach and Korn to appear in his films.
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