Name:Gwindylyn[ Homepage ]
Location: Deviant Nation, CA
Country: United States
Member Since: August 2, 2003
Number of Posts: 27397
Gender: F
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Status: Open Marriage
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
Open To: Friends, Playmates
About Me: "6 foot 1 and worth the climb." Oh yeah and I smell like butter.
It's been since 2003 . . .: I'm sad because it's like watching the end of an era die. We had a good run compared to most and I would like to think we contributed something to this niche. I will look to the future with the hope of something better. Thank you everyone for your support over the years.
Body Alterations: Tattoos, tattoos and more tattoos. A few piercings here and there. Split tongue.
Screen Name: Gwindylyn isn't my real name. I've had this nickname [along with the nickname Window for some reason] for years. My real name is amidst my screen name and that's probably the reason I have been able to get it everywhere you can imagine . . . AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN. You name it . . . I most likely have this screen name, aka my nickname, there.
Warm Fuzzies: Skateboards, round bellies, creepers [the shoes], my little man, whiskey, Newcastle, all kinds of cars and trucks, Jason Ellis, Angelina Jolie, anything Kevin Smith, True Blood, Disneyland, Pixar/Disney movies, bee stung lips, heart shaped asses.
Cold Pricklys: Drama, drama, oh and drama of ANY kind, meanies, liars, immature assholes who can't get a life, BEING IGNORED, our federal government, the color pink, people who chew with their mouths open, people who don't just come to me with issues they're having or talk behind my back, people sticking their nose in my personal life and being told to CALM DOWN.
What Takes Up My Time: Deviant Nation, Satan, and our little man.

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Mood: devastated
Music: the little boy I am now solely responsible for


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