Name: CamDamage
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Location: State College, PA
Country: United States
Member Since: January 28, 2010
Number of Posts: 32
Age/Gender: 33 / F
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Status: Attached
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
Open To: Friends
About Me: Taller than expected. I spend my days going to class, watching trashy TV, and surfing image boards (the game, you lost it). I smoke, I drink, and I enjoy doing both very much. My favorite comic is currently Locke & Key, I suggest you get a copy of the available trades immediately. Slightly is my favorite lost boy, and I can't wait for the zombie apocalypse to come. I'm gonna live longer than all you.
Body Alterations: Tattoos: Half sleeve on left arm in progress, hip piece across full length of hips, left rib piece, left foot work.
Piercings: Septum, venoms, nipples, navel, VCH.
Various small scarifications..
Current Musical Obsessions: MF Doom, Dangerdoom, J Dilla, and the like
Games: MW2, Bioshock/Bioshock 2, Borderlands, Portal .
Favorite Book: World War Z. Study it.
[adultswim]: Metalocalypse, Venture Bros., ATHF, Robot Chicken. Fuck your anime.
Pet Peeves: Unnecessary noises, when people laugh at things that aren't funny, and people with names like "Melody" and "Liberty".
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Posted: 03/03/10 at 05:03 PM  RSS
hey check this out
i just took a few photos doing a test area for a possible set to send in.  lookee at a few of em!

Click For Full Size
Click For Full Size


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