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Country: United States
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Age/Gender: 35 / F
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
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About Me: +I am a Pawn Broker
+I love everything about the city except for the inability to see stars at night.
+I organize my cds by the year they were released.
+I really dig the snow for about a week, before I begin to wish for spring.
+I am a sucker for the beatles
+I collect movies like people collect baseball cards
+I know nothing about baseball.
+I often crave cinnamon ice cream
+I have a horrible sense of direction
+I love to laugh, and try to do it as often as possible
+I would rather hang out with one or two people than a giant group of people
+I get cold very easily
+I think I could drink Hot Cocoa every day.
+I love the mucky rainy days almost as much as the Sunny days. One makes me appreciate the other.
+I am sometimes hard to get to know
+Smiling is so important and is the first thing I notice on a person.
+I prefer not to wear make-up
+Winnie the pooh, annoys the crap out of me
+I love superheros
+I still cry during the scene with raphael in the bathtub on teenage mutant ninja turtles.
+I prefer pirates over ninjas
+I love the color orange and think it isn't appreciated enough.
+I am an admirer of the arts, and often wish I had a hand at photography.
+When I am writing, I never dot my I's.
+I never learned how to ride a bike
+I love to read
+High School aren't the best years of your life, and the idea of saying that they are..kind of scares me.
+I prefer water over soda.
+I say soda instead of pop.
+Looks do not impress me, if you suck as a person, it wont matter how attractive you are.
+I love to see plays.
+Overactors amuse me.
+I have 4 blankets on my bed.
+I sleep on my tummy
+I hate to iron.
+I love animals.
+Someday, I will get a bulldog and name him Keller.
+I love Oz.
+I loved The Wizard of Oz.
+My favorite Movie is Porkys
+The smell of eggnog makes me gag.
+I love sunflowers.
+I love the smell of coconut, but hate the taste.
+I like Hockey. A lot. Mostly the flyers and the wild.
Some of the ladies I adore: I cant choose just three and MissD gave me the idea to do what she does so I am going to

She put it best: " I have several favorite models but only 3 spots so I will be rotating the ladies. Such as but not limited to... "

Skunk - Because she smiles with her eyes and i LOVE that

Kali - I adored her on H&T and I continue to adore her here. her smile makes you smile

GraveyardSally - She is fiesty and just cute, her sets make me smile.

Ayla - Something about this girl just fascinates me and I find her absolutely beautiful

Delilah - This girl has a great personality and is just all around lovely. And her legs! woo wee

Chixor - How can you not love this girl? Her accent and her personality and her amazing sense of humor. All so great, i love her eyes as well

Xavery - Another one that I adored on H&T, always very helpful and friendly and just all around sexy.

Arin - This girl has so much personality and I just find her gorgeous, her eyes.. you can get lost in them I swear.

Milan - Oh milan, if only you DNers have witnessed the conversations me and this lovely girl have. She always is there for me to talk about a bunch of silly stuff. And she is just downright beautiful.

Applejax - I love how colorful and fun she is, her smile lights up a room

AmberRose - I can stare at this girl.. for days, and they say the longer you look at something.. the more you notice its flaws.. well let me tell you.. i've stared for a long time..and i see no flaws.

Stitch - I think everyone will agree with me when i say this girl is absolutely amazing and gorgeous and just has a really cute silly personality.

JaneJett - Beautiful smile, amazing personality, just is gorgeous all around

MeaganFilth - This girl is just downright hot, I love the way she looks at you in her sets. Just Sexy.
Ink: Octopus Ocean Scene 3/4th sleeve -
Dan Dittmer of electric dragonland.
Hopkins,Minnesota /
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Squee Comic Strip -
Brad of Self X Pressions
Creston, Iowa
Two Dead Boys: Early in the morning
In the middle of the night
2 dead boys got up to fight
Back to back they faced each other
Pulled out their swords and shot each other
A deaf policeman heard this noise
And came and killed those 2 dead boys
If you don't believe this story is true
Ask the blind man he saw it too!!
Pet Peeves: This will be quite a list.
1. People who don't know the difference between your and you're.
2. People who feel the need to try to convert me to whatever religion they are.
3. When people say "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less"
4. People that expect others to pity them for their own stupid mistakes.
5. When awesome european bands don't play shows in Minnesota.
6. WhEn PeOpLe TaLk LiKe ThIs
7. when ppl tlk lik dis.
8. The term "holla" in general.

I'll end the list now.
Pays The Bills: Pawn Broking.
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Posted: 03/14/10 at 05:29 PM  RSS
 haha so awhile ago i got the xmen cartoons on dvd at least the first two volumes and i forgot how awesome they are! i had the vhs when i was a child... 

another awesome thing about my phone is they have a calorie count app..and since it is a google phone they have a barcode i can scan any food that has a barcode and it will take all the nutritional information off of it and ad it to my "food diary" it is freaking sweet! 

one more day and my 7 day work week is finally over and st. patties is just a few days away!

I am so happy it is getting warmer out, i took a walk today and it was really nice to be able to do that again. 


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