It’s always easy to find where ArnoCorps is playing in your area, just keep your ears open for the ArnoCorps signature call; a loud, gravelly yell to the sky followed by exclamations of “fantastic!”, “exactly!” and “How are you?!” If you dare to feel the pump at their show, be ready for a full body experience coursing through your veins, enlarging your biceps and making you feel like a true goddamn hero.
Writer:  omniphiliac Sep 29 07

ArnoCorps power lies within their fantastic line up of two guitarists, two bassists, the lead singer and the drummer. The combination of all of the members musical ammunition with their special ops training allows their fans to build up on utter pumptitude. Recently ArnoCorps agreed to answer my questions to give DN an inside look on how the creators of action adventure hardcore rock and roll save the world.

Can you tell us what the Arnocore genre is?

Exactly. Sometimes learning about ArnoCorps and our music is a serious mind-fuck and people get distorted perceptions going on in their head, there. "ArnoCore" is the greatest music genre of all time, let me tell you. "ArnoCorps", even though sounds the same in the ear, it's spelled in the different way and it is the name of the band, come on. We are the only band in the world to perform and write this music, so that is why we are the greatest band of all time, of course. This is the music that teaches the principles of the fantastic heroic lifestyle that was passed down for generations around campfires in the mountains of Austria. Hear our music and learn about great deeds and fantastic adventures to inspire you. In Austrian mythologies, "Arno" is the power that makes a hero able to accomplish so many ballsy things out there. It's what separates the heroes from the losers. "ArnoCore" is also known as "action adventure hardcore rock and roll" for short.

What is your favorite Austrian folktale?

"Being a hero isn't about having the most physical strength. It's not a competition. It's about reaching your own potentials. "

My personal favorite might be the one that has the most defiant words, and that would be "Predator". When I yell "I'm here! Kill me! Come on! Kill me! I'm here! Come on! Do it now!" on stage to a ballsy audience, it always seems to bring the pump up a notch or maybe even twelve or nine notches in there. It's fantastic. I also remember clearly hearing my grandmother scream these sacred words down to me when I was just a baby in my crib. It made me feel strong. I mean, here is this person who has been around for many years longer than me, and she believed that I could kill her. Fantastic.

What makes a goddamn hero?

Many things, but there are certain things that are consistent with every one that can call themselves a goddamn hero, and that would be listening to ArnoCorps. It's all about living your life to the fullest, realizing your potential and knowing that you aren't a weak choir boy like society wants you to be. It's knowing you're a ballsy stud or studette and not taking shit from anyone, smoking your stogie wherever you want, lifting heavy, riding fast, making everyone around you strive to be like you.

Last year Arnocorps went on an international tour, what ballsy achievements were made?

Many achievements were achieved, let me tell you. A lot of people don't realize this was a headline tour, so we were on our own out there. One great achievement was having the smallest gig of the whole tour rated a perfect 10 out of 10 by the BBC. We gained lots of fantastic critical acclaim, but most important were the accomplishments at the actual shows in terms of changing lives. So many people learned what was best in life and we bonded with so many studs and studettes. ArnoCorps is truly a community band. We're doing our duty for the goddamn heroes out there, helping the world from becoming soft like marshmallow.

How many died during the tour?

Nobody died from this tour, but there were several injuries. One guy in Belfast, Northern Ireland split his head open while crowd surfing under a low ceiling. He was taken to the hospital and returned with staples in his head which he proudly showed to us. That ballsy stud got lots of free signed memorabilias, let me tell you! Everyone survived and left our shows not only stronger, but bigger. We suggest everyone measure themselves before attending one of our communal pump rock sessions. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the growth increase in your arms by rocking with ArnoCorps. Biceps, triceps, deltoids, all these kinds of things.

Arnocorps is said to have people in the "Arnocorps Reserve" just in case one of your band members dies, how does one get in to the reserve?

We're phasing out the reserve aspect of the 'Corps. Since we recorded our album in late 2005, we put our lineup in stone and it really would be a disservice to the goddamn heroes out there who pay to see ArnoCorps and don't get the true symmetrical lineup.

Why was Holzfeuer exiled from Austria?

My lyrical content was seen as a threat to the safety of the low-foreheads of my homeland. You don't have to be political to have no patience when it comes to wrong-doings of pencil-pushing choir boys and villains. The people who make decisions up there felt we were starting some kind of revolution with the first incarnations of  ArnoCorps during the 90's. Let me tell you, it was blown out of proportion and told I was not welcome back. All we did was encouraging people to live to their potentials, what's going on? They have since reversed my exile and I went home in 2005 to prepare for our album. Things are much better there, now, but I still refuse to speak my homeland's language. At first it was out of protest for the bullshit they put me through, but I've learned that sometimes protesting is just another kind of whining. I said to myself, stop whining! Now I do this out of celebration of my new home in California and the fantastic opportunities I have, now. Thank you.

What's the best way of explaining "the pump" to those who are unfortunate enough not to have felt it?

The Pump is the feeling you get when you are reaching the pinnacle of heroic ballsiness for a moment in time, right there. It's a fantastic feeling that for that moment, you are on top of the world. It's like an orgasm, maybe better than that. People feel the pump all the time at ArnoCorps shows, let me tell you. Bassist Toten Adler still acts surprised every time he feels the pump 3 or 5 times in one song. I think for him the pump might be not only be like an orgasm, but maybe he actually has orgasms at the same time. I would believe there are many little Toten Juniors running around from the ladies who are too  close to the stage, come on! Go!!!

Which songs makes your fans feel "the pump" the most?

I can notice tides of pumpitude in the audience sometimes, and it seems like Total Recall and Running Man are two that really get the blood flowing. Also Last Action Hero because there is so much participations going on. Our brand new song "I’m Ballsy" is a great anthem for the audience to sing and that one we've only played twice now, and it is a hit! We're going to record it in the studio soon for the people. But really, every song at our live shows seems to create a fantastic pump for everyone out there who don't have their ears plugged in too much. Each show we have to leave a few songs out because we don't have time to play everything and every time, somebody will complain that the song we left out is their favorite. What can you do? All of our songs are eternal pump classics.

What is the proper situation to use your slogan, "get your ass to mars!"?

"ArnoCorps is truly a community band. We're doing our duty for the goddamn heroes out there, helping the world from becoming soft like marshmallow."

Let me tell you, this is a phrase of encouragements, right there. It's rooted in rigorous training when you're focused on the glutes. Usually you're doing squats and you have a spot partner there, reminding you that you need to make your buttocks hard, round and get the blood flowing in there to make it red while your training. You can say "feel the pump in your ass!" but you'll get some strange looks in the gym. So it's like code. "Get your ass to Mars!" being yelled in the gym will get looks, but mostly out of respect. These days you can say this to a fellow hero as a way of saying good luck, take some names, kick some ass, alright. It's just a ballsy saying, you know?

What is your strategy for when the zombies take over the world?

I have to tell you, I'm thinking this probably won't happen while ArnoCorps is still around. ArnoCorps is all about life and living and all the stuff that is like the opposite of dead people. As long as we're around, I don't think there will be a zombie take-over, forget about it.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

My father died for the riddle of steel. Thanks for bringing that up. Who gave you these questions, a little baby-school teacher?

Can you tell us about Jager? Is he still a threat to the Austrians?

I'm not really believing the Jager, the creature talked about in our tale of Predator, truly existed, but it is something that is still a part of many ceremonies and rituals in the alps of Austria. People dress up like the goddamn creature and walk around trying to scare  children. So in a way, yes, he's still a threat, but only to milk-drinking babies and choir boys who stain their underwear if seeing a scary thing.

You've called Deviant Nation a "ballsy site," what are some of your favorite things about DN?

My favorite things about Deviant Nation would be the appreciation for the physique, particularly women with fantastic pectorals and glutes. The women are ballsy and defiant! I love to see the studettes out there express their heroism through displays of their bodies, revealing all the parts that have the most power and influence over others.

Are there any Austrian folktales about winning political races?

"Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the growth increase in your arms by rocking with ArnoCorps. Biceps, triceps, deltoids, all these kinds of things."

It depends on how you look at some of them. There are stories with kings and worms and other sleazy stuff that reminds you of politics, but those aren't the tales ArnoCorps brings to the people. We focus on the heroic ones, and the ones we did first are ones we figured  people might have the wrong idea about, in case they were exposed to them in another way that it wasn't meant for, like in movies or something like that. With our first album, we have taken back all of the tales that were bastardized in Hollywood and bring back some integrities in there. Through ArnoCorps people finally get to not only hear the stories the way they were meant to be told, but also to celebrate and interact and be a part of the show in the live setting, something you could never do with a glossy blockbuster Hollywood bastardization.

Do you believe you're tapping into many males need to feel like a goddamn hero?

I think we're just a reminder that you don't need to be weak and soft just because the society wants us to be. All the time the victims are shown to us to be the good guys and anyone aggressively doing something is the bad guy. To us, that's wrong. You're only a victim if you admit defeat, let me tell you. There is no reason to admit defeat if you're a goddamn hero. Lot's of times people don't get encouraged or told that they have what it takes. So many have merit and strength that is not acknowledged. Even a little skinny guy or an overweight guy or girl, forget about it, I look them in the eye and see what's going in there. I will shake their hand and thank them for being a goddamn hero and coming to join ArnoCorps in our fantastic action rock experience. I know not to judge a cover by the book.

Have any fans attempted to prove that they are ballsier than you? What happened?

I think people want us to know that they're ballsy and they want us to be proud of them, and we are. Once in a while I'll get the arm wrestling challenge and these kinds of things. Even if I lost, although I never do, it wouldn't matter. Being a hero isn't about having the most physical strength. It's not a competition. It's about reaching your own potentials. But when it comes to power, I'm most impressed when I jump into the crowd and there is someone that can easily throw me around. It's fantastic! But being ballsy isn't about causing trouble or anything. We're a rescue team, not assassins. True ballsy heroes display it in how they react to things and have good motivation behind their actions and adventures.

What are the members of Arnocorps special talents, musical and physical?

I can write a whole book about that. Most importantly, our powers combine to create heroic symmetry and a truly disciplined and aggressive sound that inspires people to great deeds. I don't know of any other bands that have not only two guitarists, but two bassists, as well. This is true balance and part of the reason our music makes people feel the pump so often.

What is in stock for the future of Arnocorps?

Right now we are writing lots of new music and we have a DVD coming out that has a working title of "The Greatest Documentary Of All Time". We're going back for the UK/Ireland tour in 2008 and plan to tour more of the United States in coming years. ArnoCorps is for life. When we get old and gray, we'll pass the torch to the next generation to carry on for us. Many think that after our album, we had nothing else to accomplish. Come on, don't bullshit me. We've only just begun!

Do you have any tips for the ladies who want to model for DN?

Exactly. Send us your photos to and we'd be happy to give you some critiquing on your physique and some training pointers. No charge, no problemo.

Photos By: Flip Cassidy
Official site:

Satan  -  Model Liaison
Beverly Hills, CA
48 / M - Open Marriage
Posted: 09/29/07 at 07:18 PM 
God damn heroes! All of them. Exactly.
omniphiliac  -  Writer
San Francisco, CA
41 / M - Attached
Posted: 10/01/07 at 09:52 PM 
is fantastic!
Sin  -  Model
Austin, TX
41 / F - Other
Posted: 09/29/07 at 08:01 PM 
Fucking awesome!
omniphiliac  -  Writer
San Francisco, CA
41 / M - Attached
Posted: 10/01/07 at 09:52 PM 
you're a studette!
LITHIUM_PICNIC  -  Staff Photographer
Houston, TX
M - Single
Posted: 09/30/07 at 11:44 AM 
good job!  i loved it!
omniphiliac  -  Writer
San Francisco, CA
41 / M - Attached
Posted: 10/11/07 at 11:50 PM 
Diesel  -  Writer
Akron, OH
122 / M - Married
Posted: 09/30/07 at 03:06 PM 
fuck yeah. that was a great interview. loved it!!!
omniphiliac  -  Writer
San Francisco, CA
41 / M - Attached
Posted: 10/13/07 at 01:16 PM 
Thanks man! I look forward to reading your interview with MC Chris!
San Francisco, CA
40 / M - Attached
Posted: 10/01/07 at 05:49 PM 
haha, nice one!!  ill need to keep an ear out for their next sf show!
omniphiliac  -  Writer
San Francisco, CA
41 / M - Attached
Posted: 10/11/07 at 11:50 PM 
Their next show is when we're in austin
Jersey  -  Moderator
Jersey, 0
42 / F - Other
Posted: 10/11/07 at 04:03 PM 
ecellnt!  i only just read this!  im glad you asked who their daddy was hahahahahaha

you're  fucking choir boy compared to me! a choir boy!
omniphiliac  -  Writer
San Francisco, CA
41 / M - Attached
Posted: 10/11/07 at 11:51 PM 
do me a favor and measure your bicep and we'll compare and see who the real choir boy is!

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