(Hed)pe have been pioneers for years. Since their beginnings in the late ‘90s the group has been mixing rock, hip-hop, metal and punk rock into one intoxicating package. They’ve toured with everyone from Slipknot and System of a Down to underground legends like Kottonmouth Kings and Tech N9ne.
Writer:  Kerosene Feb 02 09

 After releasing a series of albums on major labels, (Hed)pe has been reborn as one of the underground’s most exciting touring acts. The group is about to release their seventh studio album, "New Orphans" , which shines the spotlight on some shady government conspiracies that have blinded Americans for years. Deviant Nation caught up frontman Jared Gomes to speak about the group's new album, hot women and tattoos, as well as how these guys have become the Leaders of the Truth Movement

Tell us a bit about your new album "New World Orphans" and what went

into the creative process...

Jared: Well, we are riding a wave of social consciousness right now, so, we go where the current takes us.  Sonically, NWO is heavy as fuck, but still embraces that punk rock thing that we are into. The lyrical theme of the album stays true to the Mystery Teachings that have inspired (Hed)pe for the last 4 albums.  The Truth Movement is the force behind this band.  The topics of the songs on NWO all lead back to The Truth. We always get together and practice the album material live, because we are very much into capturing a live feel on our albums.  We try to keep it raw, and we stay away from over producing our sound.  We hate that shit.

We try to keep it raw, and we stay away from over producing our sound.

This album deals with some pretty heavy topics lyrically including government conspiracies and the Illuminati. Can you give us some insight into what the album deals with lyrically?

Jared: NWO is another chapter in The Book of Truth.  We are staying on target with our message of Truth, and the youth are responding in a big way. Lyrically, the album could be considered a concept album, in that it has a beginning, a middle and an end that all relate to the basic theme, which is the NWO and how to recognize 21st century bullshit. Much of the info is found on the underground media, which is by and large on the internet.

Your new album features 3 different covers, each of which contain 4

different bonus tracks, along with part of a hidden message that will

allow fans to communicate with you on the road. Who came up with this

idea and how important is it to stay in touch with fans?

Jared: (Hed)pe doesn’t want fans.  We want family.   We want to help make a change for the better and give our people hope for the future.   We want to have meetings and share ideas for a better planet. The art guy at the label was toying around with the pyramid drawing of Jaxons (guitar player), and he sent me the three different colors.  I was talking to my manager about how I couldn’t decide, because I liked all three, and my manager was like, lets make all three different colors, red, black and white!!!  And I was like, hell fucking yess! So, it grew from there, and my we definitely feel it is very important to keep in touch with our people.  The Truth has to be disseminated at all costs. 

The Truth has to be disseminated at all costs.

How was this record different from previous (Hed)pe records?

Jared: This record was more effortless than other records.  It came very naturally.   I remember on past record feeling overwhelmed at having to deliver, but on NWO it just seemed to write itself. This record has more tracks than any previous (Hed)pe album.  I am proud of that.  It is very complete.  The song titles alone tell a story.

Give us some insight into the Truth Movement for those of us that know

nothing about it and how the band got involved with it?

Jared: Well, The Truth Movement found (Hed)pe.  911 was the catalyst.  But like Dominoes, one thing lead to another.  The on-line movie phenomena www.zeitgeistthemovie.com kind of sums it up.  It is all about secrets.  We in the Truth Movement believe that there is much hidden from public perception.  Whether it be the truth about religion, or the truth about the UFO cover-up.  The truth about war profiteering and the Military Industrial Complex and on and on and on. I have been studying these things for the past four years, and they have become the foundation of this band.

This is your seventh studio album, how do avoid becoming stagnant  creatively at this point in the game?

Jared: For us its easy, because (Hed)pe actually stands for something.  We aren’t just trying to put out album after album of sing-a-long crap.  This band has a purpose; we don’t care about luxury.  We want world peace and we want these war criminals brought to justice. And that purpose is exciting and real. By and large the music business puts out mind numbing bullshit; it’s really a fucking sin.  Music is very powerful, but its power can be used for good or evil.

Since joining Suburban Noize Records, it seems like you guys were reborn creatively. How has being on an independent verses a being on a major label been?

Jared: ha.  Well last time i was on a major label, i was driving a bucket and living in some fucking closet in Huntington Beach.  Now, I’m a home owner and fighting the Illuminati.  

Fuck the mainstream media; they are a bunch of fucking whores.

Fuck the mainstream media; they are a bunch of fucking whores.  Look, I'm sure everybody's story is different, but my time on the Jive records was a fucking nightmare. There was no hardcore staff.  It was all a bunch of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boy lames.  They had no idea what to do with me, so they tried to change me into some gay ass shit. Getting on Sub Noize reminded me what real music was all about. The Kottonmouth Kings are fucking insane, and they have been a huge fucking inspiration. (Hed)pe has learned so much from them, and we are ready to change the world.

Do you think there is a common misconception that you were making tons  of coin when you guys were rocking the radio charts with "Bartender"?

Jared: Ha!!!!  I’m sure off it. But the workings of the actual so-called "music industry" is foreign to 99 percent of music listeners.  It’s complicated.  It always works in favor of the guys who dont even write or play the fucking music; the lawyers and shit. I've sold a million fucking albums and those fools in NYC made more cash from it than I'll ever see, but fuck them because now I’m liberated and using my music as a weapon.

Deviant Nation covers two things that are no stranger to (Hed)pe;

tattoos and hot naked women. Give us your best memory about:

Your first tattoo...

Jared: Jack Rudy

The hottest tattoo you've seen on a woman...

Jared: Some chic had my lyrics tattooed on the side of her body and that was hot.

Your most painful tattoo was....

Jared: On my balls

Your first sexual encounter...

Jared: With a girl 10 years older than i was

Your first encounter with a groupie...

Jared: Wow; that's interesting cuz i can’t even remember the first one.  I guess that’s what 10 years of touring and drug abuse will do to ya.  OUCH!!!!!

The craziest groupie story you can share....

I'm just a man. If you can imagine it, i probably did it...OUCH!!!!

Who is the hottest model on DeviantNation.com and why?

Jared: That one blonde bitch with the nice little ass, because doggy style is my favorite position!!!!

Any last word for fans or what people that have never heard you before can expect?

Jared: We came to fuck, so check out www.myspace.com/(Hed)pe and www.newworldorphans.com

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