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I am sure by now many of you have heard of MC Chris. He is the forefather of a new genre of music that is exploding all over the internet; “Nerdcore”. He is a one man band and tours by himself with limited help. On stage it is usually just MC Chris and a Macbook providing the beats. He looks like a teenager yet he just surpassed three decades of existence. His millions of fans found him on the internet. He has no record label or even a tour manager for that.
Writer:  omniphiliac Apr 04 08

This article was co-written by Diesel and omniphiliac.
I am sure by now many of you have heard of MC Chris.  He is the forefather of a new genre of music that is exploding all over the internet; “Nerdcore”.  He is a one man band and tours by himself with limited help.  On stage it is usually just MC Chris and a Macbook providing the beats.  He looks like a teenager yet he just surpassed three decades of existence.  His millions of fans found him on the internet.  He has no record label or even a tour manager for that.

When he tours there are fans at every city waiting for him.  He communicates daily on blogs and on his webposts.  Fans usually lather him with gifts and art at shows and attend movies and amusement parks with him.

Most people got their first taste of MC Chris when he did some voice over work for characters on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, most notably MC Pee Pants.  He was employed with Adult Swim and occasionally will lend his talent and vocals to other various shows.  He helped with Sea Lab 2021 for a while and eventually decided to leave Williams Street to turn MC Chris to a full time gig.

What is “Nerdcore” you ask?  It is basically rap music with nerdy ass lyrics.  Think of Weird Al Yankovic but without the polka and add in sweet beats.  The genre is not for everyone.  In fact if you have no idea what Star Wars is all about, know what a blog is, or stay up all night playing video games, it may not be your style.  His samples and beats are layered under his amazing funny raps about everything from weed to robot dogs.  His is truly unique in his own way.  He is a hero for all the nerds and geeks out there.

MC Chris’ new album “MC Chris is Dead” will be released Spring 2008.

Who are your major influences?

Tim Burton. Walt Disney. Brad Bird. NC Wyeth. Alvin Albright. Andrew Wyeth. Klee. I’m a really big Norman Rockwell fan. That's just a few art wise. Musically, I think the native tongue rappers, de la soul, tribe called quest and black sheep probably influenced me the most. They were outsiders that seemed to put the emphasis on having fun and not beefin’.

Who are some artists that you would like to work with?

Andrew WK. I just wrote him. Ummm... I’d like to work with Cee-lo again. I just got to be on Idol Warship, Talib's side project with Res and that was cool. I’m meeting with Null Sleep about touring, as well as Freezepop.

How was performing with Tom Morrello at South By Southwest?

It was tough because the beat was so slow and not hip hop. So I did bring tha noise I think. I don’t even remember. I hate SXSW. I’m glad I didn’t go this year. I love Austin though, maybe that's why I hate it so much because it's like I can’t really have that great Austin experience I've come to count on like clockwork when I tour. I like to go in the off season when I can pack Emo's and take everyone to Alamo to go see a private screening of Temple of Doom.

How did you get involved working with adult swim?

I honestly got discovered in a bar while I was interning at upright citizens brigade. I made Dave Willis laugh or he thought I sounded weird, I don’t remember. I was three sheets.

Can you tell us about your new adult swim show that's coming soon?

It's called Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge. I play Gummi a gummi bear and it stars Neko Case, MF Doom and T Pain. I just recorded some more because I guess they liked what I did, and I got to hear a snippet of it kinda edited together on my headphone while I was recording and it sounded awesome. The music especially. They're imitating something I can’t say and they nail it.

Can you tell us about your new album “MC Chris is Dead”?

I'm really excited for everyone to hear it, because I'm at this point now where I've heard it a million times and don't know what to think. It's the first CD I've made that I've actually totally been in control of, getting it made on time, getting mixed, mastered, pressed and distro'd. The album's a lot more personal and it's a lot more melody oriented and detailed. It's very synth and there's lots of singing, but not by me really. Lots of effort went into it, and there are some really fun cameos. I can’t believe some of the people that are on this album are really on it, but it's true and it rules. There are songs that are risky and songs where I go so fast it's unintelligible, songs that are personal. I'm more revealing than ever before. If you want to understand who i am, who makes these songs and puts on these shows, this is the record to get. i wanted to maintain the fun but also explain myself a little. Why did you decide to release your own records rather than going through a studio?

Well before it was because no one would have me. Now it's because I don’t want to share my money. I already give fifty percent to other people and that's after bills are paid. I can get on the internet and into mom and pop stores. I’m not gonna get in retail chains except for maybe hot topic because my albums are too dirty. On the new record I only use the word shit I don’t say fuck, in hopes stuff can get more radio play. I’m not sure what a label is gonna bring to the table, besides money. Money I could use for a video. something animated. but the big ones aren’t coughing up any big advances right now. they're laying people off. And an indie label... I’m not sure what they'd do either. The head of adult swim told me to hold out as long as I can and so did gemberling, so I think I’m gonna go that route for the time being.

What’s it like being on the road a lot?  Do you stay in hotels or mostly try and crash at fans houses?

Hotels. I’m actually more comfortable on the road now than not. I like to see cool shit everyday pretty much. And I make it fun by hitting up comic shops, amusement parks, arcades, mini golf places. I’m really cheap so we stay in two star hotels a lot of the time and I've kinda made a game out of the soap wrappers and carpet patterns, the bedspread patterns, burn holes in the blankets. It's all stuff I count and compare and kinda collect with pics as I travel. When I’m home I’m just working really hard and it's usually winter so I’m stuck indoors. That's no fun, so I like being out and about and meeting cool people.

How do you kill time day to day while on the road?

I read tons of comics and books, watch DVDs. I love the radio, so I like flying through that and getting influenced for the next record. I love to hear what's really popular at that moment, kinda dip my head underwater for a second and see what the world is doing. I'm usually cut off culturally. So I love hearing all the pop hits. A countdown is gold. I'll stay on that the whole time. And i like checking out what's happening in hip hop. it's all about different dance steps these days. Which is better than it being all about stuff. We also listen to country for as long as we can stand and I listen to classical music way more than my roadies wish I did, I think. It can put the driver to sleep but it's how I like to view the scenery, with a little Mozart.

What is your favorite food?

Ha thanks for asking. It's probably potatoes. But I don’t get to eat them too much these days. I really like pineapple and I’m opening up to honey dew. I like fruit cups and putting pineapple in one cheek and a strawberry in the other and then I bite down and let all the juices get mixed up. I love bacon and egg sandwiches on white bread no cheese not toasted. I really like breakfast. I love chicken pad thai and fried rice. I like sticky white rice. I love popcorn. I love reese pieces ice cream bars. I love jack links teriyaki jerky. I could answer this question all day.

What’s your advice to our readers for picking up ladies?

Ladies love confidence and humor, but be clever not overbearing with jokes. Be nice, polite, real, honest ask questions, listen, call back what you hear. Just be a good person. I think ladies like it when they're respected.

You got your start in improv, how's that helped with your performances?

It's taught me to not think to be loose, to work with crowd interjections rather than fight them. Show's are better the more the crowd gives the show. With what they say and how they respond. If they just stare at me I feel like I’m drowning. It's waterboarding. I need to interact or I don’t really see the point in it. With my music, at live shows I mean, the audience is really the star.

Do you have any tattoos?

I have bow and arrows on each wrist for my favorite super hero, Hawkeye. Right now I don’t know if he's skrull or not. And it's killing me.

Have you ever had a fan come up and show you their MC Chris tattoo?  If so what was your reaction?

Tattoos are more commonplace these days so it's not as crazy an idea as older generations seem to think it is. I love it.  I think my artist Nate is most blown away by it. cuz he feels bad about little mistakes or whatever that he drew that are on people forever, it makes him go into the drawing with a different mindset.

What do you want to say to your fans on Deviant Nation?

Thanks for being fans, I hope you like the new record. I hope you think it's as good as the older records. I like it quite a bit, it's very me, so already it's kinda what it needs to be. The reaction is the icing. To be honest I feel better about myself now that I've made this record. And I'll feel even more awesome when it's finally in my hands and the process is kinda over. If you don’t include me touring until September.

Do you have anything you would like to tell the people who have no idea who you are?

I started an illustrator, drew almost everyday growing up. I love art and miss it and plan to return to it. Art's always been my saving grace. Which is why I have contests and encourage kids to be creative. Because I feel like honestly it's the most kick ass antidepressant of the bunch. You get out of your head and get focused on something else and it's calming and it has a great effect on every part of you. So be creative and draw something, especially if you're bumming out. It will help. A lot of you already know that.

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Huntington, WV
40 / F - Single
Posted: 04/04/08 at 12:10 PM 
i want candy, buggle gum & taffy....
i mc chris!!!
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
F - Open Marriage
Posted: 04/04/08 at 12:21 PM 
 Great job guys. I didn't know anything about him before this and now I feel like I do. 
EnidBlank  -  Model
Ironton, OH
39 / F - Married
Posted: 04/04/08 at 03:00 PM 
awesome! if he and freezepop tour together i think i'll nerdgasm.
samguss  -  Staff Photographer
San Francisco, CA
34 / F - Attached
Posted: 04/04/08 at 04:42 PM 
I love MC Chris
I think I need to go listen to Fett's Vette now haha
Derry, NH
39 / F - Single
Posted: 04/04/08 at 08:15 PM 
i think a good chunk of his fans first sound him on adult swim...
Fontana, CA
44 / M - Single
Posted: 04/05/08 at 07:13 AM 
sorry but i got no respect for mc chris.  it is all about frontalot and YTcracker for me!
Leila  -  Model
Worcester, MA
36 / F - Attached
Posted: 04/06/08 at 02:08 PM 
Everything MC Chris has done on Adult Swim I have found hilarious, I can't wait to see his new show.
Oak Harbor, WA
41 / M - Married
Posted: 04/06/08 at 10:19 PM 
nrrrd grrrl....shit's on the real!
Brainless  -  Village Idiot
Pitman, NJ
M - Other
Posted: 04/07/08 at 06:01 AM 
I'll admit, him being all prissy and "distancing himself" from nerdcore was funny internet drama. It was like when people used to argue over who was better Prince or Michael Jackson.... 'cept  those guys where actually cool.
Austin, TX
39 / F - Open Marriage
Posted: 04/08/08 at 06:57 AM 
great interview o <3 MC Chris! was great to learn more about him from this
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