You must be at least 18 years of age to be a model. Proof of age will be required (Military ID, Drivers License or Passport and either Birth Certificate or SS card).

When you submit this application, please include a current full body shot and a face shot.  Please understand that unless you send a full body shot we can not make a decision regarding your application and your application will be denied. Also, please remember we focus on SIGNIFICANTLY MODIFIED MODELS not just "alternative" models.  This means more than a belly button piercing and an ankle tattoo.  Make sure to list ALL of your modifications and show them as much as possible in your application pictures.  If we can't see/read your modifications, you will have a MUCH lower chance of being accepted.

All photo sets submitted to Deviant Nation should be exclusive and original content. This means that if they are posted anywhere on the web other than our site, the set will not be accepted and you will not be paid for it.

Quite a few email providers will classify mail from as spam.  To avoid this, please add to your list of approved domains so that you will get email regarding your application. 
Deviant Nation Model Application
What is your name?

Desired Model Name?

Email Address we can contact you at:

Instant Messenger: (PLEASE! Specify AIM, MSN or YAHOO)

Phone number where we may contact you:

Where do you live? (city/state please)

Where did you hear about Deviant Nation:

Do you have your own website? If yes, what is the URL?

Birthday (mm/dd/yy):

Why do you think you would be a good addition to Deviant Nation?

Body Modifications (Please be specific - Ink, Piercings, etc.):

Are you currently modeling or plan to be modeling with other sites? If yes, which sites?

Are you interested in being exclusive to Deviant Nation?

Do you have sets ready to submit if accepted?

Do you currently have a photographer to shoot your set or do you need to find one?

If you do not have a photographer, are you willing to travel for a shoot?

Photos of you
Applications without photos cannot be processed. Please take the time to send us current full body shots that show as many of your modifications as possible. Also, be as revealing as you can so we can get a sense of what a set with you would be like. Please spend the time to resize your images as we get a lot of VERY large images. Also, keep in mind that we get receive a large quantity of model applications and correspondence so we may not respond immediately. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Deviant Nation model!
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Photo #4

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