Text Editor
The text editor may seem, at first, to be a daunting set of tools to master, but doing so will not only make your DN experience faster and easier, but it will also make your posts look "hip" and "with it".  Now, I'm not sure if the kids these days are still using terms like "hip" and "with it" to sound "hip" and "with it", but I doubt it, considering those phrases likely went out of style long before I was born.  Regardless, we're going to tackle the text editor in segments so that before you know it, you'll have made it your bitch, and it will do every last thing you tell it to.  Except fellate you.  We're still working on that feature.
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  1. Rich Text -vs- Simple Text
  2. Copy, Cut and Paste
  3. Lists
  4. Indents and Justification
  5. Creating Links
  6. Posting Images
  7. Tables Are Fancy Grids
  8. Pimp Your Text

Here's the whole shebang, in case you have no idea what I'm talking about.
Text Editor

Rich Text -vs- Simple Text

For starters, in the bottom left hand corner you can see the Simple Editor button.  Clicking this link will disable rich text (translation, all of the fancy buttons at the top of the text editor which come with their own predesigned code.) and will allow you to embed code in your posts.  This comes in handy if your firewall or a javascript blocker is preventing you from making posts on DN.  But if that's what you're using it for, then I suggest that you message .  He'll be more than happy to chat with you until the cause of your problems is determined and rectified.  Some browsers, however, do not support the rich text editor, so if yours is one of those browsers, you can use the simple editor until you have the time to download Firefox, and stop being such a damn heathen.  A more useful aspect is that you can use it to post images by inserting the image tags by hand, or even cooler, by cutting and pasting the code to embed movie clips from YouTube and other sites (The code should begin with something along the lines of <object width="425" height="355"><p... etc.)  This is how people get those hilarious videos into their posts, causing you to stew in your envy and desire.  If you're in the Simple Editor, and you want to get back to the rich text editor, that's what the Rich Editor button is for.  Not so mind boggling now, is it?  I hope not! 

Copy, Cut and Paste
Next we'll knock out some easy ones.  Stating at the top, from left to right.  The scissors are to cut highlighted text, the next one is to copy, and the third is to paste whatever you've just cut or copied to your clipboard back onto the page.  This can also be accomplished by right clicking on a PC or Control clicking on a Mac.  If "Your browser security setting do not allow.."  blah blah blah, or some such nonse, you can still use keyboard shortcuts.  On a PC, Cntrl and X will cut, Cntrl and C to copy, Cntrl and V to paste and Cntrl and Z to undo.  Here are some more common PC shortcuts.  On a Mac, it's all the same but you hit Command instead of Cntrl. Here are some more common Mac shortcuts.  Didn't think you'd learn so much about your computer from a DN FAQ, did you?  Just goes to show how much we care. ;)

  1. The fourth button in has a the numbers 1, 2, and 3, followed each by a line.
  2. This feature is to easily insert a numbered list.
  3. Hitting return automatically jumps to the next number in the list.
Hitting the button again ends the list.
  • If numbers aren't your thing, try this.
  • Hit the fifth button
  • That one with the dots that look curiously similar to the ones you're seeing in my posts.
Hit it again when your'e tired of "bullets".
  1. Right clicking the list on a PC
  2. or Control clicking on a Mac
  • And selecting Bullet or number properties allows you to change the appearance of the numbers/bullets,
  • Change them to Roman Numerals
Or even start from a number other than 1.

Indents and Justfication
The next two buttons are basically a "Tab back" and a "Tab" button.
They allow you to change the amount of indent added to each line.
Another way to affect the indent are the next four buttons that look like lines that are aligned differently.  These let you change the justification.  The default is Left Justified.

But you can easily switch it to center you text in the page
Jut it up against the right hand side
Or just make sure that each of your lines form tidy little blocks............................................................................ .....................................................................................................................................................Like so.  This last option will stretch and squash your text to make sure that it lines up on both ends.

Creating Links
Now we get into the good stuff.  That curious little globe with the chain link?  That's to turn your words into a link of some sort.  What sort? Read on to find out.

Clicking the globe pops up this window.


To link to most web sites, all you'll need to do is past the site's address into the URL box.  There's a dropdown box that says protocol, for secure sites or ftp servers, etc.  You'll never have to use this dropdown box because when you paste the URL you are linking to, DN automatically adjusts the protocol for you.  If you wanted to post your email address, and have the preferred email client of the person who clicks it instantly pop up, you would select E-mail from the Link Type dropdown menu.

For anyone out there who has clicked an email address before, and some email program you've never used before pops up, contact and he'll help you out.  He's probably bored at this very moment.   As for the "Link to Anchor in the text" option, I recommend you ignore it.  It's why you can click links on this page to take you to other parts of the page.  If you really want an explanation of what it means, you can message yet again.

A recap of the important point in linking-  999 times out of 1000, all you will need to do to turn a web address or bit of text into a link is to copy the link, highlight the text, click the globe, paste the link into the URL then hit OK.

You can go back ad edit your links at any time by right clicking them on a PC, or Control clicking them on a Mac, and selecting either the Edit Link or the Remove link option.

Posting Images
Next to the globe is what looks like a yellow button with a small mountain range and sun (or triangles and a tiny cirlce if your imagination sucks).  This is how you insert an image.  Clicking the yellow box with the gorgeous view of the Black Hills, overlooking Mount Rushmore, will cause this next fantastic window to miracle itself into existence.

First thing's first, posting an image.  If the image you want to post is hosted somewhere like photobucket, or stolen off of a google image search, It's as simple as copying the image location, and pasting it into the line that titled URL.  Now it's important that you don't confuse the image location with the page that the image is on, or you'll get nothing for your effort.  Not even a cookie.  To get the image location you may have to pull up the image properties from the right click or Control click menu, and cop it from there.  An even easier method, however, is if you have your image hosted here on DN, in one of your photo albums.Just click the browse server button, and you'll get a window that looks like this.

... but with your photos and albums, instead of mine.

Click on the image from your albums that you want to post, and its URL will automatically be entered into the proper field in the image editor.  Click OK, and the image will post.  Did you get to this album browser, and then suddenly realize that the photo you want to post is still on your computer?  Fret not, my friend.  You can upload images straight from this browser window using the tools at the bottom, and even start a whole new album from here.

Back to the image editor.  Below the URL line is a section labeled "Alternative Text".  In web images, the alternative text is what will be displayed if there's a problem rendering the image.  So, just in case the site your image is hosted on goes down, or if a member browser porn sites from work has the images turned off, the viewer will see your description of what they're missing, or just, "Asshole Ninjas Stole My Photo".  What you enter in here, if anything, is really up to you.

Below the text line there are some options for resizing your image.  As long as the lock icon appears locked, any changes you make to the height will change the width and vice versa, to maintain the photo's ratios  Click the lock and you can stretch and squish the image as you please by adjusting the two individually.  Clicking the refresh button next to the lock restores your image to its original dimensions.  But unless you really want to stretch or squish your image, then ignore these, because we'll talk about an easier way to resize your photos later.

On the very bottom are options to give your photo a border, adjust its horizontal and vertical indent and to tweak how it appears in relation the the text.  I never use these, but who knows?  Maybe you'll find them enthralling.

Don't let the preview box fool you!  The fake text is not yours, and it will not post.  It is only to give you an idea of what the photo will look like in relation to the text.

But wait!  There's more!  his one little box is not all there is to your image options.  At the top of the window you'll see that there are three tabs.  THREE!  The other two, however, are not nearly as complicated as the first.  Click on the second tab, the one that says "Link", and you will find yourself here.

Image Link

That's right!  You can even turn your photos into links!  So if you are posting the most awesome picture from two girls, one cup, and you're sure that anyone who sees it is going to want to see more, just click over to the link tab, throw in the TGOC URL and you can even determine whether the window that opens for them is the same one, or a new one!  Amazingly enough, that little feature is actually done with nothing but smoke and mirrors.  And also code.  The code helps.  Actually, the smoke and mirrors are just for show.

The third tab is this one

and it is awesome.  Remember that time that you opened up your album browser, thinking that your image was there, and I had to point out that it was still on your desktop, but you could upload it from the page you were on, and the whole time I was secretly laughing at you and talking behind your back in long, run-on sentences?  Well I do.  I saved your ass that day, but I don't want you sitting around waiting for your images to load in that little browser window, so here's an een better tip.  Go to the Upload tab, click browse, snag an image from your computer, chose what gallery to put it in and hit "Send it to the Server".  As soon as your photo uploads, the URL box on the image info page will be filled out, and you are but a click away from image posting bliss.

Now that you've posted an image and modified it in a thousand billion ways, it's time for the long looooong process of resizing it.  Are you ready?  First, click on the image.  See those little boxes in the corner?  Drag to resize.  Phew!  That was exhausting.  And by "that" I mean all the typing I just did.  The image resizing was friggin' easy.

As always, you can right click your image on a PC, or Control click it on a Mac to open the image preferences, and tweak things as you wish.  Deleting your image involves two steps.  Click on it, then hit delete.

Tables Are Fancy Grids
Behind the Image button is a grid, which is actually a table, but still looks like a grid to me.  Also, grid is fun to say.  My explanation for how to use the table function is going to be ghetto, because it's a friggin' grid.  I mean, come on?!  How often are you really going to need to post a grid?  Probably very often now that your sarcastic ass has just taken my comments as a challenge.  Here's what the window looks like with the settings I've tweaked.

...and this is what it made.  Isn't it purdy?

This Is What A Grid Looks Like

I can fill out the boxes for you, too, if it makes you happy in your pants.

I'm Filling Out My Grid For You
Just In Case
You Really Really
Really Get Off
On Spread Sheets

And now we're back to the easy stuff again.  The Black line with text above and below it  is how I'm making these awesome line breaks.

Pimp Your Text
Next to that is .  This button gives you access to a plethora of emoticons, so that you can emote your sweet, sweet ass off.  The spell check is always running, so that's why you can't hit the spell check button.  The Bold Italics Underline Strikethrough subscript and superscript buttons should all be self explanatory, as are the Font Size  and color buttons.  Finally we have the tags.  You can tag your posts using the little button that looks like white paper with colored blobs on it to link to , , and even .  The DN button after it is for DN tags.  Use the little solo guy to link to members like that lazy bastard and use the twins to shamelessly plug groups, like .

The only other button on the text editor is the source code button.  For those of you who are familiar with HTML, you can edit your posts using the source button.  But if you're already digging that button, then the chances are you're not reading this FAQ.
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