Subscribing to a thread and "My Threads"
Right about now you may be asking yourself, "What the deuce does the "Subscribe to thread" link mean at the bottom of each thread I read?  Well, when you're checking out the boards, and having a grand old time, at some point you are bound to come across a thread that you just can't get enough of.  You love the topic, and you want to read every damn response that anyone makes to it.  When you find yourself in a situation like this, the "Subscribe to thread" button is for you.  Click on that button, and from that point on you will receive a notification via email AND through your patented, high tech DN mail system every time somebody posts to the thread.  From then on, the button will say "Unsubscribe to thread".  When the time comes that you decide you now hate that thread, and never want to see what's posted in it again, you can click that, and BAM!  Just like magic, you'll not have any more messages when there are new posts.

Now, if you're tired of receiving both an email AND a patented, high tech DN message, and you think to yourself, "Self, this is overkill", you can click the "Settings" link.

  That's the one that's in brackets in the top right corner of your screen, right by your pretty avatar.  And I'd like to add that your avatar is quite pretty.  You should be proud.  Anyway, that link will take you to your settings page.  Hence the name "Settings".  In the top left of this page you can edit your subscriptions to threads, journals, etc, so that you only receive an email or a DN message, depending upon which you prefer. 

Subscriptions Preferences

You can also unsubscribe to threads, journals, etc. from this page.  How neat is that?  The answer to that question is, "That is super neat".

So right about now you're asking yourself, "What are my threads"?  Well, you're not the first person to ask yourself this.  In fact, some people have even asked us this question.  So, being the kind and generous people that we are, here is your answer.

At the top of the main forums page, the wise and highly qualified DN architect, Satan, has given you several fancy options to allow you to navigate the boards.  One can be found across the top of the page when you first click on forums:

The other is a drop down menu you can access from any of the forums.

You can view them by most active, meaning which threads get posted in the most often.  "Party threads", as I like to call them.  There's a party inside, and everybody is invited.  If you're tired of the old threads that have been beaten to death, you can view them by newest, which shows all of the wonderful, brand new topics, that you probably haven't had the chance to read yet.  Also, you can check out all of the most recent posts, which comes in handy at 3 in the morning when you're desperately clinging to the hope that there are some other members active at the time.  Trust me, there are, and the "Recent Posts" link is your key to discovering where they're hanging out.  You can even check out your friends posts, to see what sort of topics interest the people on your friends list, and then jump in and talk to them.  But you didn't ask about any of those things, did you?  No, you want to know what the "My threads" link is for.  You, my friend, are in luck, because I'm finally getting to the point.  The "My threads" link will display every topic you have started or posted to, with the most recently active ones first.  This way you can check back in on topics that you yourself took part in, and see what has transpired since the last time you checked it out.  Awesome stuff, huh?
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