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Have something to say?  Whether it be silly, serious or in between, we want to hear it.  So how do you begin?  Well, if you've looked through the boards, and it appears that nobody has started a topic on the issue you want to discuss, we beseech you to start a new topic.  To do this, go to the forum where your topic seems to make the most sense in.  For instance, if you want to rave about a particular model's beauty, you'd do so in "The Models of Deviant Nation" forum.  But if you wnated to rave about Loki's wit and intellect, you'd do so in either "Random Fun", or "Deviant Talk", depending on how much you want to nail Loki.  Once you've opened that particular forum, you'll see a bar along the top that allows you to change forums, change pages, select how many days worth of topics to display, etc.  Towards the left is a button that says  New Topic.  The "New Topic" link is NOT just a clever name, and will actually allow you to create a new topic.

Type in your subject line that will apear on the main forum page, and then enter in whatever you'd like to say. 

New Topic

From this page you can also change the fonts, colors and type sizes you'd like to use, insert images, insert links and even decide if you'd like to subscribe to your own thread.  When you're finished, you can change your mind by hitting "Cancel", or post what you typed by hitting "Post".  You can also hit "Preview", which will display your post as other members will see it, and let you edit anything you'd like before you submit it for all to see.
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