Disclaimer: I dont know what im putting in here, but I am testing a lot of these questions are answered by members. Yes you can contribute as well! Yippe, get started and answer some damn questions.
Posting a new topic
Have something to say?  Whether it be silly, serious or in between, we want to hear it.  So how do you begin?  Well, if you've looked through the boards, and it appears that nobody has started a topic on the issue you want to discuss, we beseech you to start a new topic.  To do this, go to the forum where your topic seems to make the most sense in.  For instance, if you want to rave about a particular model's beauty, you'd do so in "The Models of Deviant Nation" forum.&nbs...
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Subscribing to a thread and "My Threads"
Right about now you may be asking yourself, "What the deuce does the "Subscribe to thread" link mean at the bottom of each thread I read?  Well, when you're checking out the boards, and having a grand old time, at some point you are bound to come across a thread that you just can't get enough of.  You love the topic, and you want to read every damn response that anyone makes to it.  When you find yourself in a situation like this, the "Subscribe to thread" button is f...
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Replying to a topic
So you've found a topic that interests you, and you want to throw you 25 cents in (because we all know your opinion is worth more than 2 cents), but there's no box at the bottom to leave your comment in.  Why, whatever shall you do?! Easy.  At both the top and bottom of the page is a  button.  Clicking on this will bring up a screen that shows the original post of the topic, and has plenty of space for you to leave a response.  Better yet, your response is completely cust...
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Text Editor
The text editor may seem, at first, to be a daunting set of tools to master, but doing so will not only make your DN experience faster and easier, but it will also make your posts look "hip" and "with it".  Now, I'm not sure if the kids these days are still using terms like "hip" and "with it" to sound "hip" and "with it", but I doubt it, considering those phrases likely went out of style long before I was born.  Regardless, we're going t...
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