Disclaimer: I dont know what im putting in here, but I am testing a lot of these questions are answered by members. Yes you can contribute as well! Yippe, get started and answer some damn questions.
Editing Subscriptions
When editing your subscriptions you will want to go to settings: Then you go to Subscriptions: This is where you can uncheck the ones that you don't want emails for or if you don't want a system message in your DN inbox. **They will not auto check if you have the same settings as listed in notifications.Then click on Update Subscriptions. ** Just remember if you start a new thread or topic in a forum, it will automatically *no matter what* subscribe you unless you UNcheck the boxes in t...
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Misc Settings
Click on "Settings"   Then under the misc settings box  choose what you would like to have.  Check the boxes for options you want to keep and uncheck the boxes for options that you DO NOT want. Then Click on "Update Settings" to save your choices.   For Journal and general postingsTo make sure that you have the easy editor for posting journals/comments/reply  do the following:First under Misc Settings, make sure that these two boxes are checked: ...
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Livejournal Settings
If you have a LiveJournal, DN will post your journal into your LJ for you. You’ll have to type in your LJ user name and password into your DN settings to be able to do that. This feature comes in handy so you don't have to post multiple journals.
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Site Notifications
Let's look at how you can decide what notifications you want to get in this section: You’ll recognize this as the place you went to in order to edit your profile. #1 is a list of all the sorts of notifications you can get. #2 and 3 are options of how and if you would like to receive them. For some, you don’t have a choice.  You’ll get a system notification no matter what. System notifications are the ones that appear in your inbox. These include messages from friends/memb...
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