Disclaimer: I dont know what im putting in here, but I am testing a lot of these questions are answered by members. Yes you can contribute as well! Yippe, get started and answer some damn questions.
Deviant Nation stickers and flyers will be available soon.  Very, very soon.  DN desktops for your computer screen can be found HERE as well as in the journals of the models they feature.  DN banner ads are kept HERE.  Be sure to embed a link to the site when you post them!  You can do this by using the following code: <a href="http://deviantnation.com"><img src="THE ADDRESS FOR THE BANNER YOU ARE POSTING GOES HERE"></a>
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Supporting Deviant Nation
Want to promote the site, but you're still looking for a place to start?  Try joining a regional groups in your area.  On top of promoting the site locally, you'll get to meet the some awesome Deviants.  See the Groups FAQ for more information on joining.  Are you a writer?  Photographer?  Tattoo artist?  Fine Artist?  One of the best ways to promote DN is to make it more promotable, and hell, on top of that, we'd just love to see your work.  Talk to Gwindylyn ab...
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Deviant Nation Cafepress
Deviant Nation Cafepress The quality for some of their products is low but the things listed in the site's shop have been checked out and are good quality.  The lower quality items were excluded after seeing them up close. Please Check out the following DIY online store hosting sites; www.Zazzle.com and www.Redbubble.com Their T-shirt prints are a better quality!
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Mag - Features:
• Eon McKai: Porn For The Rest of Us
• A Beautiful Kind of Ugly
• The Tiger Lillies
• Kraig Grady: Anaphoria
• (Hed)pe

Mag - CD Reviews:
• Deconbrio
• Tucker Max
• Slipknot
• Mitch Hedberg
• The Tiger Lillies


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