Creating a custom gallery

Creating a custom gallery
Credit goes to lucisptera

 If you’re like most people, the next thing you’re going to want to do is show yourself off. Or your dog, cat, brother, uncle, sons and daughters, Venus fly trap…whatever. In order to do that you will again start in that top right corner of the screen. You’ll notice this place is quite handy. There’s a link called “photos” that you’ll want to click. It can be found by looking at this picture.


Once you click there, you’ll be escorted to a page that looks like the following, minus the numbers.



You will have two galleries already. One is your member profile pics gallery, which will be on the front page of your profile for everyone to see, and must be 250x250 pixels in size. The other will be your avatars gallery. These are much smaller, only 60x60 pixels, and will show up by your post every time you post in the forums. 

For an example, let’s say that you want to upload a new profile picture. #1 is the blank where your file name should go that you want to pull from. You’ll do this by clicking the “browse” button. If you would like to type a caption, please do so below, but we warned that if you only type a caption to one picture, it will show for all of them. When you have done this, you’ll need to decide if your picture is already the right size or not. If it is not, you’ll need to make sure the “auto resize” box is clicked, like it is in the picture. Then you’ll click #2, “upload photo”. When it’s done it should show up on the page, a bit below your gallery names.

As you can tell, I have several galleries. #4 gives you the option to make CUSTOM GALLERIES. Pictures in these do not have to conform to the 250x250 pixel size requirement, and can be set so that only friends can view them, only members can view them, or everyone. In order to get a custom gallery, you will click #4. It will ask you to name your gallery, and decide who can view it, and who can comment on it. After you do that, you will click “update gallery” and you’re done!

To switch between galleries for uploading pictures, just click on the gallery’s name. If you have more than five galleries, you’ll have a “next” button show up, like #5, which will lead you to your other galleries.

But wait! You may say. “When I upload a picture to my custom galleries, it still puts it in that little 250x250 frame!” Don’t worry, I didn’t lie to you. Click the picture, and you will see the whole thing. Also, if you plan to copy the location of the picture, make sure you’ve got it out of the purple frame, or you’ll get the location of the frame instead.

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