Have you seen the Nation Tab yet?  If not, then why the hell are you so interested in the FAQ?  You can find it at the top of the browser window, in this bar here.

Links Bar

More specifically, it's the one that actually says Nation, and it takes you to the same screen as the new window the button I just posted will open, if you're in one of those follow-along moods.  Now that you know what it is we're talking about, welcome to the Interactive FAQ Experience Part Deux.


What Is The Nation Page?

If you're still following along, then the Nation page is the one that's open in your other window right now.  If you're not playing the follow-along game, then you'll have to use your imagination and/or the handy images that I will be posting frequently for your assistance and my own amusement.  The Nation page is for browsing through and finding Artist Profiles* on Deviant Nation.  Now, if I start to say things like "Artist Profile" that only seem to produce more questions in that inquisitive mind of yours, never fear, for clicking that little asterix mark will take you to the FAQ that will answer all of those questions.  Hopefully.

Once you're on the Nation page, you might happen to notice a search feature in the upper left hand corner.

Search Artists

If you're not sure of exactly what you're looking for, we've got options for the indecisive, too! ;)  Check out that whole center window.  Those are our Featured Artists.  We like them better than all of the other artists.  That was a lie.  The featured artists are artists who have beefed up their portfolios*, and they alternate out from time to time.  You get to see a sample of their work, what they have to say about themselves, view their profile* or portfolio and even leave them feedback (coming soon) about their work.

Are those three profiles not enough to satiate your thirst?  Good.  Check out the right hand column.

Artist Categories

Here, the artists are each grouped into one of five categories*.  We see in this screen shot a few of DN's own Ink Slingers*.  The three displayed on the front of the Nation page are switched out at random each time the page is refreshed.  Clicking on either the artists name or their avatar will take you directly to their profile page. Want to see even more?  Click on the Browse ________ button to search through all of the artists from that category!

Now that you can navigate to and around the Nation page, let's talk a little more about what it is we're looking at.

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What Are Artist Accounts?

Artist accounts belong to members of DN who want to share their work/hobby/passion with you.  Categories include Photographers, Writers, Ink Slingers, Fine Artists and Bands.  Anybody can have an artist account, and it's a great way to share your work with other members.  Have you run into into any of those crazy profiles with the ginormous profile picture, and a title like Fine Artist or Writer?  Well, now you know what the hell is going on.

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What Are Profile?

Having an artist profile comes with more perks than just a fancy looking profile page to make you feel extra special.  You can also build your own portfolio.  We'll take a quick tour through one of our photographer portfolios in a moment, but first you may be wondering what the difference is between a portfolio, and a member's image gallery.  Well, each of our artists can still upload their hilarious gifs and journal photos into an image gallery for all to see, but it's their portfolio that gets published on the a Nation page.  There's room for twenty of their favorite images, and the formatting allows for more space to explain their work.

Clicking on the Marcos Portfolio button will take you straight there.  In fact, if you click on the button I just posted, it will open a new window containing the portfolio of Staff Photographer* , and I'll walk you through his page.  You should see a window that looks like a less hacked up version of this.

Marcos Portfolio

You can see not only where he talks about his photographs like on the Nation page, but also and expanded view of the pictures he has uploaded, complete with individual user rating for each one.  Click on any of the images to dig a little further.  I chose my favorite one from this page.



Ali Comments

I dig it, too, .  I dig it, too.  Here we can see a full sized image, along with an area for to comment on this specific piece, previews of more photos from this gallery- each of which will take you directly to that photo- and an area for YOU to tell him what you thing.

Notice the 1 2 3 4 5 below the image description.  Notice it now. I command you. That's where you get to rate each image in the artist's gallery by selecting a number from 1 (poor) to 5 (Excellent) and then hit Submit Rating.  You can change your rating if you make a mistake, or if pisses you off later.

All artist pages come with the option to build a portfolio, so if you don't see one on an artists page then you can nag the crap out of them until they either give in and upload some work, or stab you in the face.  Writer profiles have a portfolio, too, but at this time, it's not set up to load text documents.  Some day!

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Photographer Accounts

We'll stick with as we talk about Photographer accounts.  You'll notice that his profile actually says "Staff Photographer" instead of just "Photographer".  It's important to point out that having a Photographer profile DOES NOT make you a Staff Photographer!  Why did I chose a Staff Photographer as an example, then?  To get this next question out of the way early.  How does one become a Staff Photographer?  Generally, you need to have at least two or three sets that you shot of DN models accepted to the site before being considered.  If you're interested, and you have a few sets under your belt, then talk to to see if there's a need for a Staff Photographer in your region.  That said, let's take a look at what kinds of rad stuff a Photographer's profile has for us.  Specifically, the left hand column.

  Staff Photographer

There are those Rating and View Portfolio

Contact info.  Whether it be a phone number, email adress, snail mail, IM or even just directing people to your contacts tab, this is how members get ahold of you.  Photographers, keep in mind that having something in this box makes it a lot easier for models interested in working with you to get in touch!

About your work.  What inspires you, how you got your start, or just a great recipe for flan, post whatever you would like here!  Although the recipe for flan wouldn't be too informative for this section, and is probably better suited for .

2 Photo Sets

These are sets that shot which have gone live.  Clicking on them will take you directly to porn.  How convenient!

If there are three or more sets here, you'll only see the first few, but you can scroll through them independantly of the rest of the page, or click on the "More Sets>>" button that appears and it will scroll to the next page down for you.

Badass, no?  If you're into photography, even if you don't want a photographer profile, you should definately join the group!

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Writer Accounts

Do you love to write?  Pick up a Writer account! As mentioned earlier, uploading text to your portfolio is still in the works, but don't let that discourage you.  You still have the whole Magazine to showcase your skills!  Here's a look at 's profile, our resident Magazine magistrate.

Diesel's Profile  is a Writer


Contact Info again.  As you can see, he
would like you to use his Contact Diesel tab for
all writing and mag related questions.

About your writing would be a great place to
post links to your past work.

Here we can see that he has written 29
articles for the Magazine.  Clicking on
the article title or the links at the bottom will
take you straight to the full article in the

Like with photosets, we can scroll through the
articles, or click on the more articles button.

DN's Writers are the ones that keep the Magazine running, so check out their work, and let them know what you think!  If you dig writing, is a group you may be interested in.

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Ink Slinger Accounts

After moving, I know from experience how difficult it can be to find a tattoo artist in your area whose work you like, and whose personality you dig.  DN makes it a hell of a lot easier by giving you access to all the Ink Slingers out there in Deviantville.

Ink Here we have Deviant 's
Ink Slinger page.

Rating & Portfolio info

If you want tattoos from this artist, get in
touch with them here!  If you are the artist,
you'll want to make sure that Deviants have
a way to schedule appointments.

Talk about how you got your start, and don't be
afraid to promote the crap out of your shop!

The Ink Slingers profile page has this handy little window into their portfolio, to give you an idea of their talent and style.  Slecting an image will open their portfolio for you.

If it's tattoos that you dig on, don't forget to check out the group!

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Fine Artist Accounts


Fine artists such as here can span a wide variety of mediums, from acrylic and charcoal to sculpting clay to blow torches.  Open up their portfolio to see what they've got up their sleeves, and don't be surprised if you see their work all over the site in the form of fan art, DN logos, stickers and just generally awesome shit posted on the boards.  If you're interested in purchasing a peice, or even collaborating, don't be a-scared to contact them!

If you know in your soul just how fulfilling and generally badass art is, please feel free to join the group!

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Band Accounts


Well, we've reached the last of our artist accounts, and at first glance the image I posted may seem a bit anticlimactic, but DNs Bands can be a powerful networking tool to get the word out about your music.  DN is currently working on several cross promotional ventures to get us to your concerts, and get you to our members.  Use your journal to post tour dates, album releases or just generally shoot the shit, and keep us informed on what you're up to.  Get involved in putting your styish shirts onto our backs.  We want to make our fans your fans just as much as we want to make your fans our fans.

For music groups, hell, we've got an entire category for them!  Head to the Groups page, and use the drop down menu to switch to music.  Find your genre(s), and you're on your way!

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How Do I get An Artist Profile?

If you are interested in any of the member profiles upgrades, talk to , and she can hook you up!

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