Disclaimer: I dont know what im putting in here, but I am testing a lot of these questions are answered by members. Yes you can contribute as well! Yippe, get started and answer some damn questions.
Importing and updating your LiveJournal
Importing your LiveJournal
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Journal Options
When posting a journal, you have a few options on who can view your entry, who can comment and who can delete comments. Everyone -  Any ONE looking at the site be able to read your deep dark feelings.Members Only - Means lovely deviant memberss only.  Why would you want the outside world to know anyways.Friends Only - Only people that are listed on your friends list are able to view.Only Me - An online journal for yourself.It's your preference if you don't want anyone to comment and just vent.&...
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Adding a picture to your journal
The short answer: First you have to upload them to either a DN gallery or photobucket or something similar and then use that button to link the URL. Thanks to gwindylyn for the picture.
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