What Are Groups?
Nestled between the tab that says Community and the one for the Magazine, there is a link that says Groups.

Groups are forums within the community that focus on a specific theme, interest or even geographical region.  Are you hoping to find Deviants in your town to hang out with?  Try joining one of our regional groups.  Interested in helping to promote Deviant Nation?  Apply for the .  You can join as many groups on the site as you want to, and you'l get to know members who have similar interests to your own.

When you first go to the groups page, the ones that you're looking at are the "Featured Groups".  Those being the ones that have been posted in the most recently.  To make it easier to browse through them, you'll see a drop down menu labeled Category:, which, when clicked, reveals a list of filters.

Category Filters

You can use these filters to narrow done the groups into the categories they've been placed into, or even to search them by the most popular, the most active, those that you are already a member of, and so forth.

When you see a group that you want to join, click on the group image.  You'll be taken to a page with the group image and description, along with either a button that says Join Group or Apply To Join.  The former means that the group is open to the public, and clicking that button will grant you instant access to all of the splendors within.  The latter means that the group is private, and you'll have to "Apply To Join".  Clicking on that one will take you to a page that allows you to explain to the group owner why you are applying.  Many regional groups require that you attend an open event before joining, so that they can gauge your creepiness factor before letting you in.  Other groups are just private so that the members don't have to worry about people who are not group members comment stalking them to see what they've been posting.  If you are not accepted to a group, and the criterion for entry is not explained in the group descripton, try messaging the group owner for more information.

I'm really into juggling domesticated animals, but I can't find a group for that.  Why have you not anticipated my desire for this group, and what do I do now?

Get a new hobby.  Or, you could always submit for the group to be created.  Go to http://deviantnation.com/groups/new to fill out the application.  Be sure to enter all fields.  The group name, category and description are all important, but the "Reason For Group" is your chance to explain why this group should be accepted.  More often than not, groups are denied either because a similar group exists, or because the Magical Group Genie isn't so sure that the group you want would be very active.  If yours is denied for the second reason, try drumming up some support in the forums.  If you can show that many members seem interested in your idea, link to that thread in the "Reason..." section when resubmitting for the group to be created.  The Magical Group Genie is practical, not unreasonable.

Keep in mind that if your group is accepted, YOU will be the group owner.  You are in charge of uploading the group images, keeping things going when they get stagnant, moderating your own group and all of those wonderful little things that come with group ownership.  One of the first things you should do as an owner is to join the .  There you can find the answers to all of your new questions, including what the second thing you should as a group owner is.

Why the deuce are the parts where you said, "Street Team" and, "Group Owners" all bold and purpley, with those two little guys in front of them?

To make it faster to link to a group, say in a comment to a friend, or if you want to shamelessly plug your own group in a FAQ, you have what they call in programmer speak "Magical Awesome Buttons".  These MABs can be found in your text editor whenever you make a post under the dropdown menu labled "DN".  Clicking on that DN will give you two options.

The first is the solo purple guy.  This is used when linking to a member's page here on DN.  The second is to link to a group.  Simply type the group name that you want to link to, then select the group name by highlighting it.  Click on the DN, and then click on the option with the two little guys.  Pow!  The reason for the name "Magical Awesome Buttons" should be pretty self explanatory after that little display of awesome magic.

What's that box that says "My Groups" on the right hand side of the screen?

You mean this box?

My Groups

Well, like it says, those are your groups.  That box is there to make it easy for you to navigate to the groups that you've joined from anywhere on the site.  Groups that have had new posts since the last time you visited them appear in bold, above the line that says -No Updates-.  You can still go straight to the groups with no updates to make a new post or thread from that little box.  If you only want to display those with brand spankin' new posts, click directly on where it says "My Groups", and the box will change to this:

Update My Groups

Select that option, hit update, and then there's no more being haunted by those grey groups.

Is there anything else I should know about groups?

Well, that question wasn't very specific!  But what the hell, I'll throw you a few bones anyway.  You can check what groups your friends are members of by taking a peek at the bottom left hand corner of their member profile.

Member Profile

Don't want your friends to know that you're a member of "Pegging Enthusiasts"?  Well, you're out of luck there.  Only people that you've added as a friend can see what groups you are in, and if you don't like somebody enough to reveal that you like to take a strap on in the poop shute, then you might want to reconsider adding them as your friend.  Friends on DN can see all of your groups and can comment stalk you anywhere but private groups.  The good news is that this isn't myspace, so there's no contest to see who can amass the most people on their friends list that they never actually talk to.

Was all of that not cool enough for you?  Well please allow me to blow your mind yet again.  As if all of those features that allow easy navigation of the various groups weren't enough, there's always the drop down menu in the forums.

Forums Filter

You can find this list of filters in any one of the forums, threads and even within the groups themselves.  The menu allows you not only to navigate and filter the forums, but also to jump straight to whichever one of your groups you want to check out next.

What will they think of next?!  I'll let you know, just as soon as they think of it.
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