So, you're curious what this whole friend list thing is, are you?  Let's start from the beginning.

Once you meet someone that you would like to have as friend, go to their profile, and look under their pictures on the left side.

Click on “add to friends” and they will get a message that asks if they want to be your friend. If they don’t, they can ignore it or decline it, but you can still subscribe to their journal and stalk them a bit. In a good way. If they accept, you’ll be on their friends list, and they will be on yours. You’ll get a message back that looks much like the one they got from you.

Notice there’s a box where you can subscribe to the person’s journal. If you click that, you’ll get a message every time someone posts something….you can even select for it to come to your regular email inbox!

You’ll notice there are three settings for friends. No one but you knows how you categorize people, unless they feel like sitting there and puzzling it out, so don’t worry about hurting people’s feelings. This just decides how friends will be shown across the top of your profile page. They go from Good Friends to Acquaintances to Hardly Know, and are in alphabetical order within those ranks.

As you can see on your own profile page, your friends will show up across the top. If you have lots of friends, you may have several pages worth, and you can click through the pages using the numbers to the bottom. By clicking on a friends picture, you can go to their profile.

The whole time you’re browsing the site you’ll have your handy, dandy friends list off to the side. It will show which of your friends are online or offline, who has uploaded a journal or picture, or posted a bulletin, and who is in chat.

The people you have listed as a close friend appear in a bold font.  Italic and grayed means that the person is online, but not being terribly active.  Sort of an away sign. Models are in purple, photographers, artisits, inkslings and writers in blue, owners and moderators in red, and a few other people have a random color for one reason or another.  Light grey and italic means they are idle.  On your friend list people are arranged according to how you ranked them, with the higer members at the top.  When a new journal or picture is posted, that person goes to the top of the list of either online or offline, so that you can see that they've posted.
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