Name:delilah[ Homepage ]
Country: United States
Member Since: November 27, 2005
Number of Posts: 11413
Age/Gender: 41 / F
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: hrmmm... what to say, what to say...
i was born in pittsburgh, moved to state college, then to sharon, where i was raised by my mother and grandmother... i was an outcast by 6th grade, since i wasnt into hip-hop, but rather 80s metal and early 90s grunge bands... in high school, i tried out for the cheerleading team with green hair as a joke, and made the squad... i danced at the citrus bowl halftime show in 99... i moved back to pittsburgh and went to duquesne university and dropped out two semesters shy of graduating... i met a man i almost lost to a car accident, who gave my a beautiful daughter, and has stuck by my side for 8 years...i enrolled in cosmetology school, and recently finished
ink/holes: Tattoos-
White design on my forehead
footprint on hip
the sinister on the other hip
"AVA" on my finger
Daisy and tribal design on toe
Skull with "I believe them bones are me" around it
Work-in-progress Last Unicorn half- sleeve
lipstick print on butt cheek
heart and flowers on lower back
heart on lower back
symbol for "cute" between shoulders
twat flowers

nostril, navel, 4ga outer labia, 4ga VCH (was at 00, will be back eventually)... rip- lip and monroe. Septum recently departed for the second time (Jan 12, 08)

lots more mods in the works... just gotta find the time and $$!!!
its music to my ears: poison, lords of acid, jackyl, faster pussycat, jackyl, poison, ac/dc, motley crue, RATT...
makes me grab some popcorn: DANCING OUTLAW, super troopers, strangeland, thirteen, some like it hot, paper moon, all the slumber party/ sorority house massacre movies, cheerleader massacre, cheerleader camp, house of 1000 corpses, saw, requiem for a dream, go, very bad things, the breakfast club, detroit rock city, poolhall junkies, party monster, friday, half baked
flipping through the pages: shes come undone- wally lamb
the rature of canaan- sherri reynolds
anything by stephen king
anything V.C Andrews
Pays the Bills: coming soon.... but until then, a little ChaCha-ing here and there. And making hats for everyone my mother and family knows either as gifts or because they loved the ones I made. Hopefully this will expand a bit more. But that's all I'm saying about that.... bwwhahahahahha
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