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Posted: 03/17/10 at 01:20 AM  RSS
Headache Ville... Population = Me.
I'm stressed out... about a bunch of things right now.  Most importantly work and as a result monies.  I hate having to wait n hold off on looking because I have a good lead on one job... but I won't know til next month.  I can't apply for EI because then I can't get help with the government agency I've been working with to find me a welding job.  I can't take my old job back because I don't wanna potentially have to leave them again if I get this better job.


Fucking limbo I tell you!!

I've had a headache on and off for the past three days.  It's not exactly making my situation any better.

I just got another letter in the mail from strata today saying they want me to pay a fine for the sign I put up for Carter during the Olympics... which I took down once I received their first letter n figured the matter resolved.  Apparently not.  So I have to deal with that tomorrow.

Was hoping to hit the mountain again tomorrow n blow off s'more steam but I think I need to stay in the city n do grown up things like finish my laundry n sort out this fine n look for potential other work n do a bunch of computer related stuffs.

I should be able to get a run in tomorrow though... maybe I can drag someone to the mountain for night riding... we'll see.

Ugh I can't even think straight right now... too many things flying in too many directions.

I need sleep.


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