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Country: United States
Member Since: November 15, 2008
Number of Posts: 2975
Age/Gender: 39 / F
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: Life is too short not to enjoy it, which means that regret or bullshit is really not an option for a life well lived...mistakes happen, but you learn from them and move on. My life pretty much feels like it's in a constant state of growth and change, and I'm doing my best not to lose myself in the process. I do my best to enjoy every moment for what it is.
Body Alterations: I have 19 tattoos so far that most people wouldn't get, and I'm working towards having only 1, I have 17+ piercings.

My favorite artist is Gregg Morris at Acme Tattoo Co. in Kent, WA. He's done more work on me than any other artist, including my chest piece, disected baby on my leg, and the eyeball in my armpit.

Out of everything I have, my genital piercings and the autopsey baby on my leg are my favorite of all my alterations.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE MUSIC: I love music so fucking much. My favorite artists constantly change, but Tom Waits, Skinny Puppy, Peeping Tom, Bile, and Portishead are definately staples.

I listen to nearly every genre from crust punk to pop music. I honestly just love music, but the weirder or more unique, the better.
Movies I Dig: The Dark Crystal
TMNT (the first one-it's sad, I can almost quote the movie by heart)
Princess Bride
The Last Minute
Gettin' my book on: Hope for the Flowers
Anything by Hermann Hesse
What I love: Being creative.
Alone time.
Hanging out with my dog.
Quite nights at home.
Gifts I would love...: My Wish List

Livelyhood: I live by my passions, and rarely make any money at it. Every dime I make goes into bills and stuff for stage. I always say even if I was rich, I'd be poor with nothing to show for it but memories. I don't exactly think that's so much of a bad thing.
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