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Favorite Movies: back to the future, crippled masters, children of men, rambo, wayne's world, the lion the witch and the wardrobe (BBC version), sleeping beauty, reality bites, the princess bride, death to smoochie, shawshank redemption, office space, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, girl interupted, the stand, lucky number slevin, snatch, pulp fiction, empire records.....etc
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Likes: bengal kittens, salvador dali, gimmicky cell phones, blueberry syrup from maine, short skirts, tall boots, fishnets, pretty things, purple orchids, long gloves, sewing, scarves, christmas lights, fashion, Hoffmans ice cream , Kashi TLC crackers, and cheese ravioli.
Guilty Pleasures...: cute, tall, and skinny (but slightly toned) tattooed boys that are nice but have balls and a spine, and cute tattooed girls who know what they want out of life and take it. ftw. oh yeah. and all the strip clubs in Dundalk, MD.
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Posted: 03/03/10 at 12:33 PM  RSS
this year i'm actually planning some trips in advance- which is new for me kinda haha.

this weekend- Huntington, WV
in a few weeks- Philly
April- Louisville
May- North Carolina
August- fetishcon in Tampa, FL (see Baunfires journal)
September- Montreal.

I'm excited I got hired locally to do a number of promotions for Sailor Jerry spiced run starting in May, so that will keep me busy near home.

now, the damned snow just needs to melt and go away. I'm ready for spring and summer.

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samguss  -  Staff Photographer
San Francisco, CA
34 / F - Attached
Posted: 03/03/10 at 12:35 PM 
Now I'm gonna think of you anytime I see Sailor Jerry's at work!
JaneJett  -  Model
Beverly Hills, CA
F - Other
Posted: 03/03/10 at 12:40 PM 
 oh i love all this travel ... you forgot vegas  
Sylvia  -  Model
Baltimore, MD
40 / F - Single
Posted: 03/03/10 at 12:56 PM 
do we have dates? I just made the list off-hand, there will definitely be return trips to vegas
EnidBlank  -  Model
Ironton, OH
39 / F - Married
Posted: 03/03/10 at 12:42 PM 
you'll be in wv in this coming weekend? we should have a drink!
rpg  -  Photographer
Regina, SK
M - Other
Posted: 03/03/10 at 01:02 PM 
I think I'm going to pour myself a Sailor Jerry's and Coke right about now...thanks for the reminder! 
Littleton, CO
35 / F - Single
Posted: 03/03/10 at 01:38 PM 
That's going to be so much fun!!!
Sylvia  -  Model
Baltimore, MD
40 / F - Single
Posted: 03/03/10 at 01:58 PM 
everything will be well documented
Sinclair  -  Model
Indianapolis, IN
F - Attached
Posted: 03/03/10 at 02:03 PM 
there's something wrong. i don't see indy on here.
Sylvia  -  Model
Baltimore, MD
40 / F - Single
Posted: 03/03/10 at 06:36 PM 
this list is only of confirmed trips that I could remember when making it- other locations can, and will be added
Xavery  -  Model
Kelowna, BC
F - Married
Posted: 03/03/10 at 04:56 PM 

Where is Kelowna, or Vancouver even on this list???

Sylvia  -  Model
Baltimore, MD
40 / F - Single
Posted: 03/03/10 at 06:37 PM 
I have to renew my passport for the Montreal trip to happen, and this list is only of confirmed trips, i will definitely be adding others
LunaDelFuego  -  Model
Santa Cruz, CA
36 / F - Attached
Posted: 03/03/10 at 07:00 PM 
 Awesome! Makes me want some Sailor Jerrys lol
TrailerDarling  -  Model
Dorothy, NJ
38 / F - Single
Posted: 03/04/10 at 02:27 AM 
I have unconfirmed plans for Montreal this year....maybe we could try to set our plans for the same dates? let me know...
Sylvia  -  Model
Baltimore, MD
40 / F - Single
Posted: 03/04/10 at 03:47 AM 
I'll be up there for this -
Sadie  -  Model
Tucson, AZ
F - Single
Posted: 03/04/10 at 06:53 AM 
dudei love sailor jerry rum!! HOOK IT UP!! id love to do promos for them!!!
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