Name:Remi[ Homepage ]
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Country: United States
Member Since: February 13, 2008
Number of Posts: 543
Age/Gender: 36 / F
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: My name is Remi.

I have a drug addiction to Pepsi. Id shoot up with it if I could. lol

I love pole dancing, and I'm amazing at it. lol

I'm full of myself.

Love me, hate me, either way your still thinking about me.

I love my animals more than anything or anyone in the world.

My stepdaughter is amazing.

One day I will have Eminem and Jeffrey Nothing...hehe
Are those real?: No I draw them on daily with sharpie markers. FUCKTARD!!!!

I have 30 tattoos.

want a list?

1. Stocking seam with bows up the back of each leg.

2. Chinese writing on top of each foot.

3. Firedancer fairy on my right calf

4. Along with a memorial tattoo for my miscarriage.

5. Black and red rose on my left calf.

6. Tribal on my lower back.

7. Fairy above that in the center of my back.

8. Fairy on my right shoulder.

9. Bettie page in the center of my shoulders.

10. Black and gray butterfly on my left shoulder blade.

11. Sacred heart with wings lock and key on my chest.

12. Swallow on each side of that.

13. Two stars below that.

14. Music notes on right arm.

15. Pink flamingo on right arm

16. Black outlines of stars trail down my right arm.

17. SG logo on my right forearm. I hate this tattoo.

18. Jessica Rabbit next to that.

19. My best friends name (Alkalethia) on the inside of my left leg with an angel and devil.

11 flower tattoos on my left arm.
Favorite Bands: Mushroomhead
Rascall Flatts
Avengened sevenfold
Coheed & Cambria
Blink 182
All American Rejects
Favorite Movies: Moulin rouge, wedding singer, grandmas boy, rent, center stage, bonndock saints..
Favorites: Author: V.C.Andrews
Color: Pink
Body part: Ass
Tattoo: chest piece
Drink: Pepsi & Johnny Vegas
Place: My house
Bar: The Whittemore Inn
Sex position: Doggy
Animal: Dog
Likes: Chocolate
My puppys and my kitty
Vegetarian hotdogs
Bettie page
Masumi max
Painted nails
The word Spoon
Dislikes: Dirty people
People who can't keep there house clean
Not hitting clear on the microwave
Shit talkers
Clingy people
People who cant think for themselves
Back Stabbers
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