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Posted: 03/05/10 at 12:59 PM  RSS
happy day
So im super stoked that this set came out. I love you all. Life has definately been a not so pleasant adventure for me over the last few months, I need a break. I think  and I are going to do some traveling to get away for a bit. I know next weekend were going out toward phoenix, and then in June we're looking at a driving trip to the south and mid-west. Then in November we're looking at the northwest. Totally depends on work, though right now were both just doing odds and ends as I finish up school.
Maybe while I am out satisfying my wander lust I can meet up with a few of the other deviants out there. PS I shot a new set that I am super excited about, also got to do a shoot with Michelle Bombshell. That was a lot of fun.
Sweat dreams....


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