Name:Niea[ Homepage ]
Country: United States
Member Since: June 17, 2008
Number of Posts: 2725
Age/Gender: 80 / F
Zodiac Sign: Capicorn
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: It's not that I don't want to put others before myself. I just don't want to put the here and now over my long term goals.

Just love me the times that I need you. I can say then that I am still free.

I love:
Alaska : D
Peach Tea

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Mod Schmod.: Piercings, tattoos..It's all been said and done. My current projects are a FLCL sleeve and a My Neighbor Totoro, Catbus.
Want to: travel the world.
not be so hard on myself.
drink fight fuck.
grown in, not up.
be merry.
have a pool party with The Aquabats.
always have hard wood floors.
not regret..
always stay out of the sun.
never sleep.
meet jason lee.
look really really hot for once and not feel guilty about it.
have a bromance. Yeah, I said it.
Perfect Piece of Cinema: Sympathy For Lady Vengeance
Layer Cake
Futurama ( in it's entire awesomeness )
Perfect Blue
Paprika ( obviously)
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
Death Race 2000
Ichi the Killer
Little Otik
Venture Brothers
Mad Max Trilogy. Beyond Thunderdome esp.
Suicide Circle
Be Kind Rewind
Fudoh: The Next Generation
Re-Animator Trilogy.
Bringing Out The Dead
Old Boy
Another Day In Paradise
Return of the Living Dead
Cat Soup
The Signal
Mallrats & Dogma
Ghost In The Shell ( Movies & SAC)
Gurren Lagann
My Neighbor Totoro
(Anything) Alfred Hitchcock
(Anything) Johnnie To
(Anything) Beat Kitano
(Anything) Gainax
(Anything)Production IG
(Anything) Yoshitonbe ABE
(Anything) Miyazaki
You should read: Chuck.
Katherine Dunn.
Jeff Lindsay
Orson Scott Card
Junko Mizuno
Richard Preston
Bret Easton Ellis
Lois Lowry
Neil Gaiman
Huberto Ramos
Garth Ennis
Hurbert Selby Jr.
Wilson Rawls
Chuck Klosterman.
Joyce Chang

...Flowers for Algernon
<3: Photography
Ashholes & Nerds all in one
Eletrco lovers.
This guy at my work.
French electro pop stars
Black Rimmed Glasses.
Grindcore girls.
Short hair.
People like us.
Dyed hair.
someone who doesn't lie cheat and steal.
Murder. Death. Kill.: the three seashells!
shmaaving cream.
ulterior motives.
being flaked on.
Pays The Bills: Piercing.
Service Industry.
Flea Circus Trainer.
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