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And also me
Liquid Light

Liquid Light
Body Alterations: can't you see them all already?
Favorite Bands: I like music that

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my feet dance

and my butt wiggle.
Favorite Movies/TV Shows: LOTR, WIllow, Labrynth, Dark Crystal, Donnie Darko, Serenity, Austin Powers, funny movies and ones that attempt to scare me.

Lost, Family Guy, CSI, Simpsons, House (when I can catch it), True Blood
Favorite Books/Authors: Anne Rice, LOTR, lots of fantasy stuff
Likes: photography, travelling, underwater photography, scuba diving, fashion, drum and bass, jungle, breaks, make-up artistry, fantasy novels, pilates, meditation, zen, dnb, dancing my booty off, and various other things know... STUFF!
Posted: 03/04/10 at 10:24 AM  RSS
Snow in Scotland
As promised I took pretty pictures on my phone of our snowy Scotland over the last few months.... so without further ado....

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