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Gender: F
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Sexual Preference: Boys
About Me: Short,stacked,quirky brunette with a passion for tea,ink,and words.I love the cold, and the little moments. I am enamoured by my memories,they both haunt and inspire me.A blessing and a curse,I don't think I'll forget anything. I'm in a constant persuit to make things tangible.Things that last and somehow escape time istself.

I'm the kinda girl that will want to go get waffles with you at 2am.Thats just how I roll.I like watching the sun come up..I guess you could say I'm a morning person,if it didn't require being up so fucking early.
I enjoy walking on the beach when its foggy with a warm coffee,and poking sea anemones with my finger.I'm a sucker for marine biology.
I appriciate a little mystery.The things about you no one knows.Uninhibited conversation is the fastest way to my heart.
A girl who's tough as nails,but brusies easily.No legs are fucked up.I really should be taking my vitamins.
Owner of a foul mouth and a sharp tounge,but so down to earth I'm probably crawling on pavement.

I am everything and nothing you'd expect me to be....
But that's what makes me so damn fun

Metal :

Left lip.
Left nostril.
Belly button.

(retired : labret and eyebrow)


Both wrists
Entire left side
Left shoulder

And more to follow....

Music: Right now,my top 4 are :

Nine Inch Nails.
A Perfect Circle.

Anything that gives me the feeling of trancendance (I have a few favorite songs that do this).I pretty much listen to a little bit of everything,however.And I mean evvvvvverything :D

Films: Shawshank Redemption.Fight Club.The Reader.Choke.Gran Torino.Frost/Nixon.Sin City.Hedwig and the Angry Inch.No Country for Old Men.The Salton Sea.Goodfellas.Changeling.The Orphanage.The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.Lars and the Real Girl.Death to Smoochy.Little Chilren.The Wrestler.Vicky Christina Barcelona.Star Trek.Darjeeling Limited.Sunshine Cleaning.Eternal Sunshine.Romeo and Juliet.Bringing out the Dead.One Hour Photo.Little Miss Sunshine.Coraline.Reveloutionary Road.Sleepy Hollow.Forrest Gump.Seven.Memoirs of a Geisha.TITANIC! (as epic,so stfu).Edward Scissorhands.SLC Punk.White Oldeander.Donnie Darko.Jawbreaker.And since I was a kid,I have always loved Casper and Nightmare Before Christmas.

I watch waaaay too many movies,and have seen a ton more that aren't even on here.This list is hard to upkeep :p
Books: Pretty much every book by Chuck Palahniuk.Eating the Chesire Cat.I Just Want My Pants Back.I'm Not Myself These Days.Clown Girl.Bone.Dirty Job.

I love reading.Buy me books!


Pays The Bills: Not me :/
Posted: 03/09/10 at 06:06 PM  RSS
Wolf Pack <3
Hello my lovelies..heres an update for all of you :

-Work has been..mediocre.Ever since I returned from my Christmas break I don't feel the same about it.I'm hoping some negotiations can come into play and me and my fellow coworkers get the raises we deserve,but I'm not going to be holding my breath and I'm currently looking for work elsewhere.

-My love life = fantastic.I can't say I've ever felt this close with someone.Hes the kind of boy you dream about having.And now,here he is.Hes my best friend and my lover.How can I ask for anything else? I spend most weekends and wednesdays with him <3

-WOLF PACK : My friends and I spending every Tuesday night playing drinking games and laughing out asses off.Heres an example :

Click For Full Size

Click For Full Size

Click For Full Size

Click For Full Size


Wolf Packin tonight.I think I'm going to play a little kings cup.

Like my new banner? Same set..just a little more sexy ;D


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