Name: MarcyHorror
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Country: United States
Member Since: February 9, 2009
Number of Posts: 979
Age/Gender: 34 / F
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Sexual Preference: Boys
About Me: What do you want to know about MarcyHorror.

I enjoy baking, horror, blood, guts, and gore, bunny rabbits, horror, my kitty cat Ganja, mary jane, my man, sleeping, shoping, tattoos,the color pink, horror...and hmm and thats pretty much it.

Im a mortuary science student and i work full time.

I have staples on my left lung from from a pneumothorax
Body Alterations: Peircings: Eyebrow, nose, two in septum, monrow, lip, both nipples, navel, and one inch guaged ears.

Scarification: Numerous slice marks from my man's blade during the heat of passion.

Tattoos: Allen Forbes/AFI chest piece, bats on right hip, "Dead girls never say no" zombie girl on lower left arm, sacred heart on upper inner left arm, "Till death" groom on right foot, and "Do us part" bride on left foot. and a mean ass cupcake on my left arm. YUMMY!

More tattoos to come!!!

ALL tattoos done by Carlos Gonzales at Landmark Tattoo Studio in San Antonio.
Music: -zao
-type o negative
-avenged sevenfold
-blaqk audio
-bleeding through
-blink 182
-bill idol
-brand new
-cult of the psychic fetus
-ghoti hook
-jack off jill
-the misfits
-panic at the disco
-my chemical romance
-a perfect circle
-theatre of tragedy
-taking back sunday
-the used
-motley crue
-shiny toy guns
-the cure
-the doors
-led zeppelin
-3 inches of blood
-white zombie
-rob zombie
-michael jackson
-beastie boys
-aphex twin
-the spill canvas
-the faint
-the blood brothers
-nine inch nails
-new order
-johnny cash
-depeche mode
-judas priest
-marilyn manson
-black sabbath
-reggie & the full effect

& more...
Film: Hooollllllly shiiiiit this is gonna be quite a list!

-H.G. Lewis
-Dario Argento
-Tim Burton

-aftermath (short film)
-hot rod
-sex drive
-The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
-plaga zombie
-the harry potter movies
-Live feed
-the phantasm movies
-true blood (tv)
-dexter (tv)
-the life of david gale
-santas slay
-kiss kiss, bang bang
-Wizzard of Gore (old and new)
-2000 Mainiacs
-2001 Mainiacs
-Blood Feast 1 & 2
-Sweeney Todd (new and 1921 version)
-Disneys Alice in Wonderland
-requiem for a dream
-ichi the killer
-romeo & juliet
-dawn of the dead
-day of the dead
-night of the living dead
-evil dead
-grandma's boy
-the little mermaid
-ninja turtles movies
-boondock saints
-heavy metal
-lord of the rings I, II, & III
-natural born killers
-the devil's rejects
-house of 1000 corpses
-hostile 1 & II
-saw series
-a clockwork orange
-the rocky horror picture show
-from hell
-sleepy hollow
-sin city
-dorm daze
-monty python & the holy grail
-kiss the girls
-silence of the lambs
-american beauty
-cannibal holocaust
-midnight meat train
-dead alive
-return of the living dead 1 & 3
-nightmare on elm street series
-friday the 13th series
-halloween series
-dancer in the dark
-the lost boys
-john carpenter's vampires
-planet terror
-american psycho
-wayne's world 1 & 2
-dark city
-batman with christian bale
-harold & kumar 1 & 2
-van wilder
-the hills have eyes 1 & 2
-my bloody valentine (old and new3d)
-texas chainsaw massacre 1 & 2(original)
-interview with the vampire
-queen of the damned
-jeepers creepers 2
-black x-mas
-black sheep
-demons 1 & 2
-the changeling (old)
-night of the demons 1 & 2
-the exorcist
-pet semetary
-the shining
-the blob
-frankenstein, bride of frankentstein
-being john malkovich
-rob zombies halloween
-machine girl
-zombie strippers
-the stuff
-soilent green

& more...
Literature: -T.D. Prophet
-Anne Rice
-Agatha Christie- "And then there were none"
-Clive Barker
-Frank E Peretti-"This Present Darkness"
Lists and stuff: My Wish List

Pet Peeves: -Mini Vans
-ignorent people
-south texas heat
Pays The Bills: people dying


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