Name: MaliciousIntent
Last Activity: 01/31/10 at 08:00 PM
Country: United States
Member Since: February 22, 2008
Number of Posts: 139
Age/Gender: 35 / F
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: i like to party. im loud and high energy. i love getting dressed up and looking fabulous. i've been known to giggle like a school girl. lol. i get into miscief. i smoke. i have amazing friends. they look like me.
Body Alterations: I've been pierced 36 times had 3 cheek spears and an energy pull

i currently have
1/2g lobes
16g forward helix (left)
12g cartilage (left) X3
14g nape
10g tongue
14g navel X3 (in a triangle)
18g nostril X2 (right)
14g nipples (both)
12g double lip
14g philtrum (medusa)
18g eyebrow (left)
18g daith
12g vertical hood
16g lobe (right)

Retired Metal
18g eyebrow (the second one)
3 dermal anchors (in my chest)
4g septum
18g anti-brows X2
18g lobe X2 (left)
16g labret
16g eyebrow(left)
14g double lip

-a skull (hip)
-a pirate ship (hip)
-a bellyrocker that says PIRATE (stomach)
-an elephant walking through a field of mushrooms (leg)
Favorite Bands: System of a Down, NIN, MSI, Pendulum, Infected Mushroom, Bassnectar, Marilyn Manson, Tool, Atmosphere, Metallica, Android Lust, Aphex Twin, Eminem, No Doubt, Lady Tron, Justin Timberlake, Ludacris (lol), Postal Service, KMFDM...the list goes on....
Favorite Movies: i love zombie movies! i love twist endings that i cant predict. horror and dark comedy are great.
Favorite Books/Authors: Terry Goodkind cuz i'm a huge nerd.
Dean Koontz is way awesome and always brutal.
Ann Rice is good but over rated
anything that hooks me in within the first chapter
Likes: music. dancing. raves. shiny things. boys. girls. bright hair. jewelry. body mods. stripes. PIRATES. blood and gore. modeling. pictures of me. bitches.
Pet Peeves: gum smacking. no garbages in bathrooms (wtf). gross feet, and when you get your hair cut and the ppl catch ur piercings in their brushes and combs. its happened to me so much. those bastards!
Pays The Bills: back at venture data...and modeling websites XD
Posted: 01/22/10 at 12:13 AM  RSS
im back!!! <3 U DN
long time no see!
its been a while, i been in the real world for a while and somewhat absent from interweb world.
i just went out to dinner with my fam, and afterwards came back to my sisters house,  scarlettstorm. i realized it's been a while since i updated this shiz and i totally miss you guys <3

my pics are all so old so i must refresh everyone on my life. and face hmm lets see, the new year got off to a good and bad start all at once. got in touch with my long lost father who i hadnt seen in like 14 years. only to find out he was dying of cancer i got to spend a couple days with him over in waldport, OR, where i grew up. it was really nice to see him again. and then about a week later he died. but at least i got to see him and get some closure there. *sigh* brought me a lot closer to the rest of my family tho, so that was good.

other than that the new year got off to good start with the party scene. throwing hella raves lately. the scene is growing and getting so much better here. its good. i've been making tons of new outfits and dying my hair all sorts of fun colors as usual. shot another set with a while ago with my halloween outfit (a purple dinosaur)

im goin up to portland again soon to do some fabric shopping for more outfit making. and then again shortly after for more fun pretty naked time XD

all in all im doin all right. enjoying my friends and partys and definately family.

love you all, now enjoy my face!

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p.s. yay for webcam!!!!
Mood: awake


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