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Country: United States
Member Since: February 9, 2009
Number of Posts: 2177
Age/Gender: 36 / F
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Sexual Preference: Girls
About Me: I'm like the Martha Stewart of Punk Rock.

I love doing all crafty things, entertaining, and art.

Nicaraguan, Greek and Native American/mixed white.

Lots of cultural influences there, and lots of good food. Best believe I will try to feed you, it's in my blood .

I have a keen Macgyver-like sense and ability to improvise and make it work, whatever it may be...

...and an awesome knowledge of random facts and all around jeopardy savvy-ness.

I love singing and Musical Theater, often times creating my own musical by singing acapella a song that relates to the current situation.

I've been a fire dancer for about 5 years.

I can come up with a song for anything, and often times find myself quoting Lord Of The Rings.

I live near the beach in Santa Cruz and it really is paradise.
Ink n shit: *Back piece portrait of the sun and moon, based on the tarot card The Sun from the Rider Waite deck.- in process by Miki at FU Tattoo in Santa Cruz CA

*Scorpion on my right foot- done by Joe Lujan at Bad Boyz Bidy Graffix

*Mushroom on my hip as seen in my debut set now covered with rocky water, also done by Miki at FU

*2g holes in my ears, along with two other semi gauged holes (14 g) in each ear

* Retired piercings-
more lobes, navel, labret (like 5 times lol) tounge, tounge web.

I wanna get my nose pierced.
Beats n shit: *2-step *Alternative *Anime Music
*Baroque *Beach Music *Beatboxing
*Bolero *Bossa Nova *Brit Pop
*Blues *Cabaret *Celtic
*Cha-Cha *Classical *Classic Rock
*Comedy *Crossover *Cumbia
*Dance *Dancehall *Death Metal
*Death Rock *Deep House *Digital
*Dub House *Dubstep *Electronica
*Emo *Europop *Folk
*Freestyle *Gamelan *Garage
*Glam *Groove *Grunge
*Hardcore *House *Hip-Hop
*Indy *Industrial *Jazz
*Latin *Melodic *Merengue
*Metal *Nerdcore *Neo
*New Age *Opera *Orchestra
*Pagan Rock *Pop *Punk
*Progressive *Psytrance *Raggamuffin
*Reggae *Rave *Rock
*Salsa *Showtunes *Swing
*Techno *Thrash metal *Trip-hop
*Underground *Vocal *Worldbeat

I should just get a Pandora Widget.
Flicks n shit: I like movies but I'm broke so I don't see that theaters at least.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Scarface, Lord of the rings (all 3..know all the words sadly...), Queen of the Damned, Fight Club, Team America, Dude Wheres My Car?, Chicago, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle , Dodgeball, Fight Club, Moulin Rouge, Virgin Suicides, The Fifth Element, Fight Club, All the Friday movies, Oceans Eleven/Twelve, Whale Rider, X-men (all) , City of God ,I LOOOOOOVE Musicals-movie musicals and mostly Broadway musicals, All the Harry Potter movies, Practical magic of course Just saw Madea goes to Jail- fucking hilarious. Real Women Have Curves, But I'm a Cheerleader, My Big Fat Greek wedding, My life in Ruins
Books n shit: A bunch of New age Hippy shit, some political stuff, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction and instructional stuff.

Too many books to go into detail here really
Me likes: Fire Dancing,Motorcycles Burning Man, being in nature, Hiking, TATTOOS, import cars,Going to the beach, anything New Age, Reading, Writing, SINGING, Dancing, Eskrima, Playing/ Creating music, watching movies when I have time.

I don't watch many sports, though I enjoy playing them... Horseback riding, Archery, Swimming, Cycling.

Hanging out with my girlfriend.
Pet Peeves: Bad hygiene
Lack of "common" sense
Bad Vibes.
Pays The Bills: Promotional modeling
...and playing with fire....
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