Name:Lola[ Homepage ]
Country: United States
Member Since: May 5, 2007
Number of Posts: 754
Age/Gender: 37 / F
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: I'm Lola.

I worship good film and honest art. I wear short dresses and drink beer. I was born in the wrong decade.
Body Mods: stuff and junk
What I Listen To: radiohead, marilyn manson, pink floyd, led zep, rasputina, jefferson starship, the doors, the beatles, and so on and so forth.
Movies I DIG: There is not enough room in this box.
What I Read: Stephen King's Dark Tower Series
Alice in Wonderland
Chuck P.
Cat's Cradle
Buy My Love?:

yeah, and I send cute little thank you presents to people who buy me shit
Things I Do: knit and crochet, sew, read, watch movies, shake my ass, have good sex, play tetris, eat babies.
Alias: Asha


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