Name: LenoraDark
Last Activity: 08/11/09 at 08:42 PM
Country: United States
Member Since: July 31, 2007
Number of Posts: 260
Age/Gender: 41 / F
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: I hate filling these things out; I always end up going off in about 12 directions and sounding like a schizophrenic person..... But let's give it a go...

I'm an executive creative director at an interactive media company / art director / model / hair stylist / makeup artist / wardrobe stylist / fast driver / mechanic / animal rescuer / personal spell-checker and walking dictionary.

I smoke too many cigarettes, drink way too much coffee, and spend way too much money on clothes.

I'm also a vegetarian (with the exception of the occasional sushi binge), and don't eat refined sugar, processed foods, or saturated fat, so I guess that makes me a difficult date. Haha. Sorry.

I change my hair style constantly.

I am the absolute definition of a Scorpio.

I am Ornithophobic.

I am annoyed by people who call me "Goth"

My ribcage is flexible and I can move each side independently. It's a good party trick, and frightens most people. My mother still insists that it's "normal" though. Which it totally isn't.

I have a Siberian Husky named Bruce Wayne. He is my bestest buddy ever.
This model does not maintain a journal


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