Name: Julie
Last Activity: 07/08/09 at 04:30 PM
Country: United States
Member Since: December 8, 2008
Number of Posts: 14
Age/Gender: 40 / F
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: i'm an artist, waiting for my professional bowling career to take off
Body Alterations: lots of tattoos, but they're good ones
Favorite Bands: motorhead, radiohead, portishead. i like head.
Favorite Movies: mexican smut
Favorite Books/Authors: chuck palahunuik, charles bukowski
Likes: cereal, cartoons
Pet Peeves: people talking on cell phones in public places,
couples bickering in public places
Pays The Bills: selling my ass on the internet,
selling my shit on ebay
Posted: 12/08/08 at 01:50 PM  RSS
New Member
Hi! I'm new here

i ordered a bed off ebay recently

total fucking nightmare.
came in a ten foot box full of three thousand packing peanuts.
i tried to get the bed out of the box in my front lawn and the 
peanuts went everywhere. took me four hours to clean it up and 
repackage the box.

i then put the box on the curb where it has been for a month.
every once and a while the box gets hit by the sprinklers,
warps, and lets peanuts out into the neighbors lawns.
one by one they complain to me and i go pick up more 
fucking packing peanuts out of their lawns.

today finally the city came to pick up the box.
and they only did because i stared at them from my front porch.
as they were putting it in the truck all mad at me the bottom fell out and the 
peanuts filled the street.

fucking hilarious.
box is finally gone.

i'm home sick so this is as exciting as my week gets.


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