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Country: United States
Member Since: February 7, 2006
Number of Posts: 5970
Gender: F
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me:

+ I live for rock'n'roll. + I believe that laughter is the key to happiness, and I love to practice it regularly. + I'd rather hang out with people one on one, than in a group. + I Love Fetish Photography. + I Enjoy reading about serial killers. + I Love Strip Clubs (it’s like candy) + I also love to cuddle with people. I'm very intimate with friends. + I'm sleazy and pornographic but in a cute, harmless way. + I love to travel and be on the road. I get antsy if I stay in one place for too long. + Someday I would like to convert a sleazy motel into my own personal sanctuary and studio. + I have a lot of bizarre fetishes and obsessions, like motels, smoking, baroque furniture, religions, antique medical instruments, sleazy dives, etc. + I should have been a Russ Meyer girl. + I find foreign languages incredibly sexy and fascinating, especially French and Italian + I am obsessed with history. + I love to learn. Knowledge is power, the cliche is bang on. + I write poetry daily + Almost all of my heroes are dead. + I think I should have been an 80’s hair band groupie. + I have been having a lifelong love affair with words + I have a spontaneous spirit. + My good friends bring out the best in me. + Passion is very important to me, in everything. + I am fascinated by human sexuality and it shows in everything that I do. + Art and music make the world go 'round. + I am overly flirty when drunk. + I can be extremely intense, yet also the most ridiculous goof you've ever met. + I Love Andy Warhol + I love it when friends and strangers sleep in my bed and on my floor. + I get choked up easily, through music, words or just from having my heart touched. + I am much more articulate when I write than when I speak. + I love spending time alone, just hanging out with myself. + I'd rather stay home and play board/card games and drink than go out to a club. + Leonard Cohen has the most beautiful soul that has ever walked the earth. + I get really shy and nervous around cute boys and girls. + The Internet makes me really mad sometimes. + I have a tendency to call people by pet names + Sometimes I talk like a mobster without even realizing it. Yeah See… + I read about 2 books a month, usually. + All of my favorite music sounds better on a record player. + Dinner and a movie dates will never get old. + I like to have sex in public places, or places where people might catch me. + I'm always tired, but I don't let that get in my way. + I'd love to live on the road for a couple of years. + I admire intelligence, intellect and life experience. + I like it when people buy me drinks. + I'm short and I tend to like other short people better than tall people. + Nothing is quite as relaxing as a cigar, a glass of wine and a good book. + I like getting flowers for no reason, especially if they're picked from the ground. + I love little hole in the wall bars with a punk rock attitude. + I have really intense dreams. + My favorite actors are Bill Murray, Robert Diero, Jack Nicholson (here’s Johnny,Christopher Walken...... + I wish I could have a tea party in heaven with Bela Lugosi , Johnny Cash $, Joey Ramone, Hunter S Thompson, GG Allin,James Dean,ELVIS the king baby, Johnny Thunders, Jeff Buckley, Russ Meyer and Andy Warhol. You're all invited.
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