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I am getting my vagina tattooed at the end of the month.
Get fucking ready!!
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Posted: 09/20/09 at 07:43 PM  RSS

Dastardly Dave sent me the rest of the shots from a set we did for Zivity.

I had completely forgotten it existed, despite the fact that one of the images is the header on my blog. OOPS.

They are hawt, to say the least. Yeah, hawt.

Click For Full Size

Click For Full Size

It's so weird seeing myself with hair.

I've totally settled into this whole baldness thing.

That being said, it has been grown out and sculpted a bit. No scalp in sight.

I'm really not looking forward to having to wear hats this winter. They make me so claustrophobic!

I hate to keep cryptically updating about my job, BUT things are going SO WELL.
It's not the tea place any more.. just in case I never mentioned that.

My last day at tea place is this Wednesday, actually.

I'll have THREE WHOLE DAYS off that week! Apple picking, here I come. Can you believe that the leaves around here are already changing?!

Anyway, I got promoted (or will be getting promoted at the end of the holiday season) at the awesome job. It's the most fun and rewarding job I've ever had.

I'll be flown out to California at the end of my training as Manager in Training to work in a store out there for a little while, and then assuming all goes well, I'll be coming back to my own store.

Everything is working out so well that I'm a little bit apprehensive.

I have worked hard though, so I'm trying to make myself believe that the good things might actually stay good.

On the kind of sort of downside, and when I say downside, I mean I'm just a bit confused, I've found out something about myself.

I like guys who look like lesbians, and I like lesbians who look like lesbians.

I lose interest in guys at the drop of a hat.

What does that say about me?


P.S. Looks like my set on here is going to go live soon? I HOPE SO!


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