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Country: Canada
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Age/Gender: 40 / F
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: my favourite word is “fuck”.

i am secure in myself and do what i please. i am unrestricted by the rules and regulations of the world around me. i have strength, charisma, and personality. some would deem this as not a woman’s place, therefore making me broken according to society’s standards. but i don’t worry about what society thinks and that brings me here for all the world to taste my creation. i am beautiful in my own way and love to flaunt that beauty in the world. i create art with my presence in daily life.

i’m crazy. i think craziness is the spice of life. i’m a glory hog. i dance like its the end of the world. i cause pain. i believe in hope. honestly, i’ll probably fuck you up. i believe. i know. i love sunflowers and pretty eyes. i live in underground communities with my crew, and i like it that way. i sing loud and off-key. i enjoy prancing around naked wearing wigs and coloured contact lenses. i have a serious hard-on for lego.

i’m a lover. i’m a fighter. i’m emotional and i care too much, but its all worth it in the end. i love rain and ketchup. i’m a vegetarian because its cheaper, healthier, and keeps me svelte, not because of any animal rights crap. it aggravates me when people can’t spell. i don’t fall into stereotypes and i don’t enjoy being pre-judged based on my appearance, so don’t even start with that garbage.

i have unbridled passion for everything i look at, for fun, for myself, for life. i lose myself in the music and in the moment. i know how amazing, loyal, honest, competent, and one-of-a-kind i am. lose me, and i pity your soul.

DO NOT ASK how much time or money has gone into my ink. i wouldn't tell you anyways. your one little lame faded tattoo does not put us in the same club. remember this.

SHIT WAIT... they're all stick on. nevermind.
the way i get by: nurse ratched, roller derby queen, alt pin-up model, fat cat expert, and general-all-purpose-catastrophe-for-hire...
stats: pretty like a knife fight, and leaving a colourful corpse...
kulture: i like punk/metal/rockabilly music... anything i can dance or fuck or cry to. pretty varied tastes, just no country or techno/electronica, kthnx.

tv is dope. i watch it a lot. i’m one of those cool losers who likes to sit at home and drink after work and watch a lot of tv with my fat cats. people think they are living vicariously through me, but really i’m living vicariously through the discovery health channel.

and i would way creep you out with my literary choices. maybe later. next question, please.
hell yes: drunk, sweaty, foul-mouthed, tattooed, ski-mask clad rockstars with hot asses and huge cocks.

boys with kustom bikes and fat cats, hot derby girls with nice racks, big hair, glam makeup, and travelling.

people who have their shit together- i like when people can fucking think and actually express themselves.

playing bass and piano, cooking, singing, painting, writing, reading, sunflowers, meditating, and summer.

and i'm not gonna lie... i like the sauce
hell no: funky sacks, liars, people who can’t spell, chicks with moustaches, commitment issues, anyone who can’t think outside the box, car problems, getting ditched, radishes, mustard, and being itchy.

being woken up for no good reason. i really like fucking sleeping, thanks.

there is nothing good about snakes. nothing.
spirit: witchcraft, and knowing the universe will provide.

energy, light, love, will.
dirty lil' secrets: wait for the movie to come out. i hear it’s gonna be big.

however, i’m going to need to see 2 pieces of government issue photo ID and have you sign the proper release forms before allowing you access...
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This journal entry has been deleted.
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