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Age/Gender: 40 / F
Zodiac Sign: Capicorn
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: I love comic books, and I love art. I guess those two things go easily together, but I love them both together and separately.
Some of my favorite (lowbrow) artists are Mark Ryden, Glenn Barr, Ana Bagayan, Joe Sorren, Noir Nouar.
Some of my favorite (comic book) artists are Ben Templesmith, Michael Turner, Adam Hughes, Marc Silvestri, Mike Deodato Jr., Joshua Middleton, Humberto Ramos, Andy & Adam Kubert, Mark Sylvestri, Khary Randolph.

I have probably about every game console (including the old NES), and I mostly love playing games such as Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Sims, Zelda, and fun, low-stress games like that. Some games I can only watch, not play. I get too damn agry

I can go out, or stay in. It's all fun to me. I can be a tomboy, or get dolled up and go out. I like the fact that I'm not a "simple" person.
Body Alterations: Lots of tattoos..I don't even know how to count them anymore...arms, wrist, leg, upper back so far. Labret, upside down belly button piercing, left side nose piercing, 3 holes on each ear (and the lower ones are gaged to 2).
Favorite Bands: POE, System of a Down, Sneaker Pimps, Frou Frou & Imogen Heap, Sister Soleil, Heart, Garbage, A Perfect Circle, Fiona Apple, MEW, Sean Lennon, Vincent Gallo, Eisley, Silverchair, Foo Fighters, Mos Def, Tori Amos, Natalie Imbruglia, Lisa Loeb, Cardigans, Sahara Hotnights, The Doors, NIN, Bjork, Hoobastank, America, Seals & Croft, Nada Surf, The Bangles, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, YES, Joydrop, Doobie Brothers, Berlin, Radiohead, Fleming & John, Denali....
Favorite Movies: Buffalo 66, Lucky Number Slevin, Aeon Flux, Silent Hill, Crank, Click, 1408, 13 Going on 30, 12 Monkeys, The Fifth Element, Silent Hill, X-Men, X-Men II, Spiderman 1 & 2, Constantine, Requiem For a Dream, Lawn Dogs, Swamp Thing, Stranger Than Fiction, Old School, The Jerk, Just Friends, Slackers, American Beauty, Alice in Wonderland (1985 version with Ringo Starr, Carol Channing, etc.), Meet Joe Black, Batman Begins, Multiplicity, Groundhog Day...
Favorite Books/Authors: Anything by Warren Ellis, Lowlife Paradise (The Art of Glenn Barr), Wicked, Lord of the Flies, Coraline, Swimming, Sybil, Neverwhere, Boy Still Missing, Mystic River, Are You There Alone?, Confessions of Max Tivoli, Bunnies And Bees (Art of Mark Ryden), Anima Mundi, A Child Called "It", Ten Little Indians
Likes: Comic books is the first one that comes to mind...I'm obsessed. I used to read the cute little ones as a child (Little Lulu, Archie, Betty & Veronica, Casper the Friendly Ghost...) but now I could easily clean out a comic store! There are so many great ones out there!
I also like fishing, hiking, colorful makeup, false lashes, tall boots, vinyl & leather, the color lime green, peanut butter toast, the smell of lavender, making soap from scratch....
Pet Peeves: People who call you to talk and talk and talk, and just won't let you get off the phone no matter how much you try.
People who can't watch serious movies, and constantly laugh at serious parts, or shoot little comments throughout the whole thing.
People who don't think for themselves.
Cars that are COVERED in ICP
Pays The Bills: Knowing how & what to sell on e-bay, being a good little cleaner-upper, making soaps, lotions, etc.
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