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Posted: 03/02/10 at 08:23 PM  RSS
update...'s been WAY too long since I have written anything here!!!
Sorry devaints. Life has been busy...

Though busy,  suppose it has not been all that exciting. My boss is still a prick, and my nemesis is back from mat leave in a week NOT going over very well for any of us at the office! Hopefully she will see that we all get along fine without her, and that everything has changed since she has left. Doubt it though...I am sure the boss will protect her...after all, someone has to blow him, right?

This weekend should be a busy one... going to the annual 'Exotic Erotic Ball' on Friday...should be fun There is also a sex show on all weekend. Something that is new to our small city....perhaps the folks around here are loosening up a bit?

OH!!!! I will be playing a small part in my burlesque club's annual spring show...though I am just a 'prop'...The theme is 'Happy Endings' and I shall be the naughty fairy godmother that makes dear Cinderella take her clothes off...

I think that is all Ive got for now...pretty lame, I know.

Mood: chipper


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