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About Me: I'm an anomaly. Nothing but nice to people but they seem to make up something in their head to dislike me. Fuck em. I'm random and have a passion for doing things that make people say "what the fuck???" I also like the word "fuck," some people find it offensive.
Body Alterations: Left arm pretty much half sleeved, right arm deltoid area covered.. both wrists tattooed with kanji symbols, upper back, "CHAOS BRINGS PRIDE" (
my favorite)... lower back some hackjob did when i was 16... inner lip, which i did myself.. yeah, brilliant, says "listen."
More to come.

As far as piercings are concerned, I used to have like 16... now I'm down to 3, excluding ears... Guess 2 of em are where "it counts."

And scars, I got plenty. They have a drawback of reminding one that the past is real. I wouldn't have it any other way. Each one tells a story. & I like to bleed
Favorite Bands: Breaking Benjamin, Buckcherry, Kottonmouth Kings, Rob Zombie, Three Days Grace, Skynyrd, Def Leppard, Staind, Seether, Hollywood Undead, Bowling for Soup... etc.
Favorite Movies: 300, From Dusk til Dawn, Pulp Fiction, Sin City, Reservoir Dogs, The Hills Have Eyes, The Devils Rejects, True Romance, anyone noticing a trend here??
Favorite Books/Authors: eh... Poe yo.
Likes: The lake, people who can let go and not focus on what others think, movies, offroading, bon fires and playful rhetoric
Pet Peeves: People that like to talk about how fucking cool they are.. the mall, people who don't know how to walk, indirect shit talking... girls that need a critique and 15 outfit changes before they get out the door
Pays The Bills: Food runner @ a restaurant, gogo dancer, casino slot promoter, custom event photographer & model
Posted: 10/12/09 at 08:55 PM  RSS
I'm baaaaack
Proof that 2 lawyers are better than one. I only did a lil under a month on my third dui. I'm terminated from the dui court program (which means you're supposed to do 180 days), but due to some "circumstances" they let me out. I have to start my drug & alcohol counseling over from the beginning, which is 1 years worth and about $1,100.. Oh well. Apparently they can't talk about it in the open, cuz if the media were to find out that there are any more failures in the DUI court program, it would be taken out of the court system and everyone in it would be serving their suspended sentences. But if I get another, it's 2-6 years. Apparently I can get my license back in 2010, but my boyfriend thinks it would be best he just drive me around... Driving miss Daizee, haha. Granted I would never make that mistake again, but it seems to be the consensus.
Anywho, I was going to take the third to trial, cuz when one of my lawyers got discovery, we saw that the courier who delivered my blood test wrote the wrong date on it. In Nevada, a blood test is only admissable in court if all the data shows that the blood was taken within 2 hours of being pulled over. However, my judge wouldn't take it to trial in her court, and if we did lose in another, I would be serving the full 180. She said it had been filed as a second, so I could plea to it as a "third event, but possible consequences of a 2nd offense." Technically it could have been filed over as a felony withing 3 years, so I just got it over with and entered no contest so it wouldn't come back to bit me in the ass. So, yay. ONe more year of counseling and random UAs though, it's already been a year and a half since I've hung out with Mary Jane, but I guess I've gone that long I can wait another year : /

Well, that's my update. Glad to still be here. Need to lose a few pounds before I shoot another set, but I'll be workin on it. New li'l tattoo too, me and my boyfriend got "all or nothing" on our ring fingers. And for your viewing pleasure, some tripped out shit...

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Mood: grateful
Music: Theory of a Deadman


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